Features of 24V Mini Compressor

The 24V Mini Compressor is a tool for automotive enthusiasts and professional mechanics alike. With features like a dual speed regulator, aluminum profile, and more, this compressor is well worth the investment.

  • Compressor Model: QX1902 Series
  • Voltage: DC 24V
  • Capacity: 125-400W
  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Size: 25x15x17 cm (9.8×6.3×5.3 inch)
  • Weight: 3.0kgs (6.61lbs)
  • Applications: Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration
  • DC Compressor with the controller.
  • Mobile DC Cooling Compressor.
  • The World’s Smallest DC 24V Compressor.
  • Small Compressor for Heating and Cooling.
  • Mini Compressor PDF download:
  • 24V-QX1902VDLH-Spec.
  • 24V-QX3202VDLH-Spec.

24V Compressor For Water Cycling Refrigeration

LINK SOLAR 24V Compressor using with refrigerant R134a, the energy consumption is very lower. Its smallest size ideal for mobile or portable cooling system and air conditioning applications

The 24v compressor consists of micro dc compressor 24V with R134A coolant, smallest condenser and radiator, copper coil evaporator (heat exchanger), filter drier, driver board, and other refrigeration parts. We use patented driver board controls our 24 Volt compressor, this board has the function of variable speed ranges from 2000rpm to 6000rpm. Micro compressors can be widely used In in air conditioning units, water cooling units, and refrigeration units, our 24V compressor has features of quiet and has almost no vibration which enables it applies to mobile and compact cooling systems.

The 24V DC compressor is the best mini compressor has outstanding performance. can use the battery, vehicle power supply, and civil power grid. It is perfect to meet the stringent demands of mobile and portable cooling. Our company has highly sophisticated processing and assembly equipment and testing equipment. The key equipment is imported from Japan and Europe. Strict material and process control, and the main components are self-made to ensure product quality. It is also rich in experience, engaged in refrigeration technology, compressor design.

If you are looking for a compressor please contact us for details.

  • Air conditioning units
  • Water cooling units
  • Refrigeration units for commercial refrigeration units
  • portable refrigeration systems
  • Food cooling systems
  • Micro refrigeration systems
  • temperature-controlled shipping containers
  • Electronic refrigeration systems
  • Medical Imaging system
  • The mini cooling water system

LINK SOLAR 24 volt dc compressor quiet and has almost no vibration. The energy consumption is very low. You can use the battery, vehicle power supply, and civil power grid. A power supply such as solar energy; stable output, precise control and superior adaptability, which can meet the needs of all kinds of mobile thermal micro-thermal management systems.
It fulfills a growing need for miniature thermal management systems.

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