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Founded in 2008, LINKSOLAR is specialized in producing custom lightweight and high-efficiency Portable solar chargers and flexible solar panels.

For the past 20 years, as the market for eco-friendly sources of energy grew, solar-powered alternatives have become the go-to solutions for the world’s undeniable desire for a greener future.

Evidently, Chinese manufacturers caught on and jumped on the solar bandwagon for the gold rush of the 21st century. Yet, in 2008, no single company had managed to cement a leading position in the Chinese solar industry.

It stagnated technologically; the market was saturated with similar, if not identical, low-grade products whose only differentiator was pricing. The infamous Chinese Low Quality/Low Price vicious circle proved true once again.

We were convinced that we could bring something different to the table; that we could both produce high-grade solar panels and deliver highly personalized service to our customers, who value quality in every sense as much as we do.

  • LINK SOLAR Flexible solar panel

Link Solar was Born

Ten years later, we have grown both as a company, and as individuals, and are still going strong, fighting for the very same values that we have had since the beginning.

Our Expertise

LINKSOLAR is specialized in producing portable military-grade solar-powered chargers from 6.5W to 200W. Due to their durable, lightweight and high-efficiency properties, they have been recommended by our clients for independent power supply when traveling.

For example, on Recreational Vehicles (RVs), yachts, caravans, or for outdoor camping.

We know that our products are not for everyone and cannot satisfy every person’s needs for solar-powered energy sources. On top of that, our prices might not be within every potential customer’s budget.

However, LINKSOLAR is committed to making it up with high-quality products and hassle-free and customized service.

With over 10 years of experience of listening to our customers, answering their concerns, and eventually improving on our mistakes, we are confident that we are well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

  • custom flexible solar panel
  • custom flexible solar panel


  1. We do not just sell a product to you. We care about your feeling with our products. we care about your feedback 3 years later.
  2. The second factory you can find after Uni-solar, if you familiar with Uni-solar’s quality level, you will know about our quality level.
  3. Specially customize solar panel according to your design.

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