Adjustable Solar Panel Side of Pole Mount

Adjustable Solar Panel Mounting Brackets For Monitoring/Solar Road Light

Adjustable side-of-pole mounts feature heavy-duty brushed aluminum mounting channels with a universal slotted pattern allowing a variety of modules to be adapted with many rails lengths offered. The mount consists of a panel rail set specified by length, pole saddle brackets specific for a range of pole diameters, tilt legs adjustable from 25 to 60-degrees, stainless fasteners, adjustable pipe clamps, and thread locking compound. SunWize solar module mounts are weather-resistant and proven strength and durability in extreme environments. U-bolts for high wind zones are recommended as an option. (See the add-ons tab above for U-bolts offered.)

Pole Mount installation procedure Step by Step

Step 1. Measuring PV Mounting Hole Distance

Step 2. Mounting Rail Supports on PV Module

Step 3. Attaching Clips to Rails

Step 4. Assembling Support Rails

Step 5. Attaching Bucket(s) to Pole

Step 6. Mounting PV Assembly on Pole

Step 7. Attaching Support Rails

Step 8. Attaching Lower Pole Bracket

Step 9. Attaching Swivel Brack to Panel Support

Step 10. Attaching Swivel Brack to Panel Support

Step 11. Attaching Inner Channels to Brackets

Step 12. Final Adjustment and Hardware Torque

If you need please ask us for Installation Manual.

Side Pole Mount Component List

Side Pole Mount Component List

We  offer 20W 30W 50W solar panel kits that are simple, affordable, and easy to install. Every Rytr solar panel kit includes a unique pole mounting bracket and all the necessary hardware for installation. Join us with our commitment to keep innovation green! Why settle for less?! The Rytr brackets are made from upgraded ergonomic aluminum alloy that can hold up to 120 pounds of weight. No more struggling with those old, rusty brackets!The purchase of a pole mounting bracket is a small investment for your future, both environmentally and financially.

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