solar panel for marine


Long lifespan solar panel

Bendable Solar Panels Manufacturer

Bendable solar panels become more and more popular because of the IBC solar cell development, microcrack managing performance good for the flexible solar panel.

Lightweight, high efficiency, long lifespan, in the coming future, there is no need of a glass solar panel which is so heavy.

Bendable solar panels

Bendable solar panels in 2015-2019 are very popular high efficiency, lightweight, long lifespan. IBC solar cell. you may see it everywhere in the world. example solar chargers, marine solar panels on boats. etc. LINK SOLAR supplies the most efficient and quality bendable solar panels from 6watt to 200watt.

Day4 Bendable solar panel

Day4 Solar cell used for the bendable solar panel is a new idea and new material in 2018, it will become more and more popular in the future because the IBC solar cell manufacture facility is already on selling. Anyone who owns the machine can produce such solar cell at an efficiency of 22.3-26% by now LINK SOLAR supply Day4 solar cell 21% made the bendable solar panel and portable solar panel.

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