Flexible Solar Panels for RV

Link Solar’s 25% high-efficiency, flexible solar panels are the best choice to meet all your electrical power needs and feature easy installation for recreational vehicles (RV).

Ideal use for marine boats, motorhomes, camper-vans, caravans, fifth-wheel trailers, pop-up campers, truck campers, bike sports, and many more.

Why Choose Link Solar’s RV Solar Panels?

  • 25% Highly-Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Premium Quality
  • Extreme Crack-Resistance
  • High-Bend Tolerance
  • 3-Year Warranty

Link Solar Flexible Solar Panels Review by Mr.Zachary – Customize RV Solar Panel

Maximum your power up to 20% higher than the market standard.

Prime Grade Imported Material ETFE From USA & Japan.

Made from Top-Grade Solar Cells.
The premium ETFE laminating material that we use is anti-seawater corrosion, and especially suitable for building a marine solar panels; for use on seacrafts: boats, yachts, etc.

The LINK SOLAR Flexible Panels provide a certain versatility that just cannot be achieved by glass solar panels. Their lightweight and flexible characteristics provide seamless integration onto your vehicle.

Want to know how solar cells work? Click here.

Flexible Panels

Is the GFL Flexible Panel for You?

Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Seacraft: Boats, Yachts, Cruisers, and houseboats.
  • Land Vehicles: Caravans, RVs, Motorhomes, Trailers, 4×4, etc.

Solar Panel

Cheap Aluminum Semi-Flexible Solar Panel for Starter

PET Laminated Semi-Flexible Solar Panel.
Assembled from an aluminum back sheet and PET laminated SunPower Solar Cells. The Aluminum Semi-Flexible Solar panel is an older generation of Solar Panel but is still fairly popular due to its longstanding reliability. 3–5years lifespan.

Amorphous Flexible Solar Panel

Amorphous Flexible Solar Panel

Custom/DIY/the only one supplier in China

The Amorphous Flexible Solar Panel is rollable and very thin. The cell is 0.5W–1W and 5cm wide. They can be assembled to make 6W–12W Solar Strips. However, the Amorphous Solar Cell is less efficient than its Mono Cell counterparts and is slightly more costly than other cells.

Day4 Tech Flexible Solar Cell

Day4 Tech Flexible Solar Cell

IBC Solar cell technique, Micro-crack management.

The Day4 Flexible Solar Cells: Have only one Grade, Grade A, which has high efficiency (21%), unlike SunPower, which grades solar cells from A–L based on efficiency, with A the lowest. Here, the mono-crystalline super rugged cells are sandwiched by to metallic grids, which provide optimal support on both sides.

Link Solar can provide Custom Day4 Flexible Solar Panels from 50W to 150W. We can also integrate the Day4 Solar Cells to make a Foldable Solar Charger. Request your free quote now!

Solar Panel Product


  • Standard Wattage: 50W, 100W, 135W,150W, Custom Flexible Solar Panels also available.

solar Panel

  • High Efficiency: (Up to 25%): Made from Gen II & Gen
  • III Solar Cells Flexible: Unlike rigid glass solar panels.
  • Lightweight: 100W Marine Solar Panel — 1.5kg (2.2lbs)
  • Versatile: Suitable for use in RVs, boats, caravans, outdoors, camping, etc.
  • Practical: The best solution for energy self-sufficiency.
  • Reliable: Backed by our 3-year Warranty.

Link Solar accepts orders for Custom Flexible Solar Panels from 10-200W. We provide personalized experiences for our customers and use the best laminating materials to ensure that we live up to our customers’ standards.

LINK SOLAR partnered with the Suzuka Solar Race Team

In 2016, we partnered with an electric car racing team. Their racing car functioned uniquely through the power generated by our Flexible Solar Panel. Due to its lightweight and flexible properties, it was a success.

Premium Marine Flexible Solar Panels

ETFE Laminated Solar Panels are better than PET Laminated Flexible Solar Panel – Read More

Link Solar’s Marine Flexible Solar Panels

3 Years of quality guarantee. 10-years thin film lamination technique.

7 Reason Why Your Flexible Solar Panel Degraded and Failed You?

Recently, 19/11/2019,in the METS trade show Amsterdam, more and more people tell us the trouble of selling flexible solar panels (not our customer). Such as degraded, broken, no warranty.


Mets Trade Amsterdam Link Solar


Flexible Solar Panel Declined

These flexible solar panels are a great product, still developing but mislead by some seller who eager for quick success and instant benefit.

Such as top10 or 10 of best from google searching because of the affiliate program, more and more people working in the house. who named as affiliate writer. if their article rank top 3 in google, they will get advertise fee and affiliate fee from google or Amazon.

So do you believe the top 10 blog post is the right guiding book for you to buy the things? because they might only spend 50USD to hire someone to write 500 words article.

Or digging for booger with one finger & cross his legs with a cigarette in mouth, in 30min finish the writing of post. You can also search your own familiar product to see if the top 10 are real top 10.

they should add the keyword top 10 of best selling. but not top10 meaning.

Here is the main Reason why your solar panel declined or degrade:

1. The Supplier / Seller does not sell good quality solar panels

Many of us prefer to buy cheap items because we think that we can save a lot of money when buying cheaper products. But we forgot to see its value, whether it is high quality or not, as long as we can save money. Who wouldn’t want it, right?

But the question is, are you really saving a lot when buying cheaper stuff? How can you save more if the item you bought gets easily damaged in just a few days of use, right? lol

But at Link Solar, we can assure you that our solar panels are not cheap, but it has the quality that you can trust. Because the higher the price is, the better.

Apple OEM from China, all these Amazon re-seller private label may have same supplier.so problem will be similar.

Why we do not sell on amazon?

We do not have the top 10 position on amazon, because being on top means cheap products.

2. It’s not designed for walking. but some seller telling people they can walking on it everyday

It’s monocrystalline, do you know Crystal, they can be still cracked they can still performance because the back contact technique, but it does not mean it do not deg

but people aware it from the problem. It can be walking on it, it’s funny to see a lot of marketer will use a car wheel to drive across the product to see how strong the product it is.

pressure from a flat product to ground doesn’t mean it’s firm. when the ground is not flat, and buyer install it on some surface may already hurt the solar panel.so no seller will tell you about this.

3. Solar cell Joint Part have difference

Sunpower develop dog bones to joint the solar cells but cost is 0.15USD/dog bone. A 100watt solar panel need 28pcs, so each panel will cost 4.2USD. But if using normal welding tape, 4.2USD can make 50pcs panel.

So, here is the point, the different worker has different energy of soldering them. one small mistake will meet a weak connection on the cells, testing is good after the finish. but that’s part of the reason you meet the problem a few months later.


4. Low quality package

Flexible panel needs protection. If protection is not good, express is hardly to protect and make it safe.


5. Wrong installation

MONO solar cellSunpower solar cell has back contact technology, Merlin techDay4 tech also has many wires of back contact to joint the broken cells. But normal MONO solar cell should be on semi-flexible solar panel, they can’t bend large angle. Special bend will break the cell easily.

6. Filtered Sunpower solar cells.

Sunpower has so many kinds different electric performance grade cells. The best and good they separated. Each grade cell has a price. Even the lowest they do not want separated.

All these sold to China. So, even if you don’t know which supplier use, which grade cells.Based our experience and price list on hand. Some solar panel price in the market are so cheap. So which mean they do not use the best grade solar cell.

Why our LINK SOLAR flexible solar panel price are higher than others? Even a stabbing wire of soldering. We spend 3USD/100watt higher than others.

Junction box has 2USD/PCs and have 4USD/PCsworker have 5 years of experience (we) VS have 0-year experience engineer have 10years experience (us) VS have 2years onlywho jump from one company to another.Imported ETFE from US & Japan VS made in China.

7. Do not buy from Amazon or Ebay cheap flexible solar panel


In general, you see the good star review on amazon is a short period after the parcel received. Check the 1-star review. You can search amazon’s average good product review is over 4.5, and Flexible Solar panel on amazon’s average review only 3.8.

Windy nation 3-years sells only get 3.5 rate. MONO cell solar panel is easily be broken if does not use a real flexible mono solar cellsthat’s why they meet a lot of problems.

How do you avoid from degraded flexible solar panel

As manufacture based on our experience and eyes. The real Brand you should choose:

  •  The Merlin Tech From USA.
  • Sabin from Italy.
  • Solaria from Germany.
  • LINK SOLAR from China. Yes, that’s us. The cheaper onebut meet what the quality need. Please note. We haven’t tested any of above solar panels except our self products. Can’t say they won’t meet any problems. As a manufacturewe all make problems during production. That’s real.

Why should you choose higher quality. Think about your time, costthink about safety. If it’s installed on RV/Boat/Caravan. It’s same important like other device.

You should keep it out from dangerous rate. Think about the burn E-bike/ Balance wheel burning hours. They buy it from Amazon or Aliexpress.

But finally they lost a lot. If you have more timeyou can read below I quote from Amazon reviewer:

Below are the Flexible Solar Panels problem from Amazon Buyer review


Flexible solar panel degraded

Updated Review: Replacement panel junction box came off one of the panels. JUNK!! Secured with nothing but silicon!! The one panel that I still seem to be working well, at least as well as my one year-old Renogy glass panels.

It’s a shame; their customer service really tries to make things right, but it’s difficult when the company just has such poor, poor quality products.

The Panel won’t charge (no current) after 3 months of use, the solar cell surface has cracked under sun heat, never bend it, cheaply made.

It was the junction box fallen from the panel cause the bus wire snap from contacting, contact seller for warranty replacement with no reply.

Low efficiency, low output and discolored be UV. Factory customer service is non existent.

The panel has gone cloudy after one year, output cut in half. Lasted 4 months on top of a horse trailer before developing a short. This panel worked at first, but after a couple months all the grommets rusted, 1/4 panels cracked and 1/4 panels had the connector block detach from the panel.

I have 5 panels. They are pretty inefficient after 1.5 years after the plastic clouded over and became brittle. Only order if you need flex panels. Otherwise the price is high for panels that don’t last

This product lasted about 6 months before bending/creasing in 3 different places from normal use. The flexibility was the downfall for this product. Nice idea, poor engineering.

My panel now produces around 11 volts due to it falling apart The solar panel itself is glued onto the plastic not even strong no where to put outdoors without it being blown away or a place to put it because it’s flat and has nothing able to be placed onto it.

It also doesn’t charge i used it for 3 days and got 0 out of it. I was trying to power a light. It was a complete waste of money. I couldn’t get more than 50W out of this 100W panel. Must be overrated. Also, it comes with very short cables.

Bought two 100 watt panels from these guys and mounted them. Worked great for six weeks and then they both stopped working. No voltage. I tried to contact the company. I found an e-mail address that I wrote to but got no reply.

I’m out Almost $400 plus I’m already in Mexico and have few options except to do without. There needs to be better quality control so people don’t just lose out. I would much rather write a glowing review. I’m just out time, money.

This solar panel worked as demonstrated at the junction box. The leads provided no power from the junction box. This defective panel was essentially unusable and shipped defectively.

Conclusion: Buy/sell Flexible Solar Panel, you should follow LINKSOLAR’s suggestion, you may keep the problem out of the way.

Unlimited Guide to Buying Flexible Solar Panels 2020

Flexible Solar Panels

1. The most popular flexible solar panels development OEM history in China.

The development history of flexible solar panels started from 2005-2019 in China.

Since 2005-2012, the most popular flexible solar panels have been amorphous flexible solar panels.

CIGS flexible panels are from Global solar.

Uni-Solar is the most famous and popular brand of amorphous flexible solar panels.

Thin film solar panels are lighter than mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline solar panels.

The semi-flexible solar panel made by MONO solar cell in an aluminum sheet is popular.

Cheaper for consumers and popularly sells on eBay.

Because General Mono Solar cell price drop quickly, Uni-solar lose the advantage of price. Thin film panel becomes the small market things.

After 2013, solar cells came to the China market and were made into a flexible solar panel. At that time, only a few companies could produce them, while other manufacturers didn’t understand of them. (More about Sunpower solar cells you don’t know).

The solar panel flexible has become more and more until 2018.

At the moment, SunPower has the best performance for flexible and IBC solar cells with more material to start selling it on the market.

Good examples are Day4 Solar Cell from LINK SOLAR and Merlin Solar Tech for charging RV and boat batteries.

CIGS material is cost-effective; thus, people have more choices to get the best flexible solar panels they need.

These flexible solar panels will charge up the battery you need to run your basic necessities. They can charge all kinds of 5V-12V input devices.

They now have achieved an efficiency of up to 24.2% from a monocrystalline silicon IBC solar cell.

2. How to Choose a Reliable Flexible Solar Panel Manufacturer.

Choose a rigid solar panel with glass and aluminum frame since it is a stable material to keep the solar cell safe.

But flexible solar panels are only laminated with TPT+ EVA+ Solar Cell+ PET or ETFE.

If the manufacturer follows the hot trends in the market, and you opt for these solar panels, 6 months later, you may have many problems.

But if you’re planning to use the flexible solar panel in some prototype solar electric products, any brand is fine.

If you have a limited budget, but you want to try a flexible solar panel, then buying one from Amazon is fine.

However, if you want to sell the flexible solar panel, for a long time, then you must choose your supplier carefully.

Please notice that the flexible solar panels are not the rigid solar panel, without technique, you won’t get the real quality as you wish.

flexible solar panels

The cheap price is expensive for you in the long run.

For example, you can buy a flexible solar panel at 200 USD from Amazon. However, it develops problems 1 year later, then you have wasted the 200 USD.

There is no consumer protection after 1 year from Amazon. Obviously, your customer will never trust your brand again. On the other hand, if someone pays 300 USD for a 100-watt solar panel, and uses it for over 5 years, he/she will save on the cost.

This is because he/she will not worry about quality – it gives comfort and satisfaction. Merlin Solar/Solbian/LINK SOLAR/Power Film.

Why choose them?

Because they all have longer warranties. Why do you this I have not mentioned many Chinese solar factories?

To keep the factory in operation, 90% of the Chinese companies use cheap grade SunPower solar cells.

They aim to get more orders and make a profit.

Besides, they may not honor the warranty if the factory closes for 2 to 3 years.

So, what am I saying here?

It is important to consider the duration of the warranty.

Not many companies offer over the 1-year warranty for their products.

In such cases, if you buy a 100watt solar panel at 200 USD, then it develops a problem, you shall have lost your money.

3. The difference between LINK SOLAR and Merlin Solar/Solbian /Powerfilm

Merlin Solar is from the USA, and has a factory in the Philippines; they do not use Sunpower, with IBC solar technology.

Solbian is from Italy. They have many kinds of material for the flexible solar panel and are also professional in marine solar.

If you need something for your local market, then choosing a local company is the best option for you.

LINK SOLAR is from China. It is a good OEM manufacturer and customizes portable solar panel, even if you want 1 PCs only.

The company is your partner for customized project needs.

LINK SOLAR is the best choice for quick, fast, and affordable solar panels.

Flexible solar panel Flexible solar panel

4. Ultra-thin, flexible solar panels advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: Lightweight, high efficiency, easy to mount and install, nice look.

Disadvantages: Cost higher than the rigid solar panel and too many poor quality suppliers in China.

Lifespan is no longer than the glass solar panel.

As flexible solar panels are lightweight and portable, they’re also useful for integration with power camping equipment, field communication radios, and GPS systems.

While crystalline solar cells are currently the mainstream technology and used in the majority of solar panels, some companies choose to develop flexible solar panels.

5. Flexible vs. Rigid Solar Panels

Rigid is the most popular solar panel in the world. It is affordable and guarantees a long service lifespan at over 20 years.

The flexible solar panel costs more but is lightweight. It has a lower lifespan because there is no glass protection. The rigid solar panel is for residential use or big projects power station.

Flexible panels made with high-efficiency cells are resistant to power loss via cracking and corrosion, unlike conventional cells, which are much more likely to lose power when bent or subjected to a moist environment.

Made with the highest power Gen II back contact cells, flexible panels deliver the highest power output and the highest charging capacity in their product class.

6. Application for Panels

The flexible solar panel is used for RV yacht solar system, boat, camper-van, biking, golf cart, sailboat solar system.

Example: For camping, vehicles use caravans/Pop-tops/Motorhomes/Campervans/Camper trailers,

Fifth Wheelers/Converted buses/Converted coaches,

Combo vans/4WDs/Utes/Golf cart/Mobility Scooters,

Flexible solar panel with MC4 connector for marine,

Boats/Cruisers/Leisure Yachts/Racing yachts/Catamarans/Trimarans/boat cabin

Fishing vessels/Houseboats/Kayaks

Commercial projects:

Tourist boats/BIPV building glasses wall/Passenger Ferries/Emergency vehicles,

Roadside repair vehicles/Roadwork signage trucks/Refrigerated vans/trucks/Prime movers,

Wheelchair lift taxis/Outdoor industrial equipment,/Trailers/Locomotives,

Rental motorhomes/Mobile classrooms/Hydraulic pool lifts/Gantry cranes

LINK SOLAR Flexible solar panels for the race

LINK SOLAR Flexible solar panels for the race

100W Flexible solar panel

LINK-SOLAR High-Efficiency 100W Flexible Solar Panel on the yacht.

7. Flexible Panels on Amazon

90% of flexible solar panels on Amazon are from China.

There is no big difference in quality, they mainly use low-grade level from SunPower. A reason they make cheap SunPower to make solar cells. Example a 1000pcs order to push supplier to give a 0.9USD/watt price, and supplier only have 10% profit.

So think about the time you spend to install them, 1-2 years later you might need to remove them again.

Flexible solar panel

8. What’s the difference between LINKSOLAR made and others made the Flexible solar panel?

LINK SOLAR uses 3.3.-3.8 watt premium A grade solar cell, ETFE laminate coating the entire module allowing them to contour and flex against curved surfaces with a maximum bending radius of 30 degrees without glass.

They are functionally reliable, robust, light-weight, weather-proof and seawater resistant.

So, they are solar solution designed for marine applications such as in boats.

Marine solar panels can charge controllers and they greatly increase the system charging efficiency, reducing battery charge time and increasing battery life.

LINK SOLAR focuses on developing portable solar panels for rv. Making them primarily for charging solar-compatible batteries, which can be used to power devices and small appliances in off-grid situations like camping, hunting, film productions, and power outages.

RV Flexible solar panels

9. The most Popular RV Flexible solar panels and flexible Solar panel’s review

Here is our suggestion as a manufacturer,

If you want a high-quality RV flexible solar panels, buy from LINK SOLAR, Solbian, or Merlin Solar.

If you don’t care about quality, then buy anywhere.

Because most of the flexible solar panels on Amazon may have problem 1-3 years later.

You won’t get a warranty from the seller. A flexible solar panel which you can use for 1 to 3 years is a waste of money.

Read the one-star real review on Amazon, you will find it.

dog bone shape

The dog bone shape tabbing wire for cell is 0.2USD/pcs, do you think the cheap flexible solar cells will use this tabbing wire?

10. The Best Flexible Solar Panels

The best flexible solar panels are from Link Solar, Merlin Solar and Solbian.

Check all the Forums and Amazon Review you will find the result either.

11. For Marine

Flexible solar panels for marine must use ETFE lamination flexible solar panels.

Otherwise, the PET flexible solar panel is not UV protected and will develop problems 6 months later.

Even ETFE flexible solar panel may look the same, but there is a difference in quality.

12. Small Panels

If you need very small flexible solar panels, solar cell will not work, consider a CIGS solar cell or amorphous solar cells.

Custom Panel

13. Custom Panels

Custom-made flexible solar panels come in any size and are manufactured by LINK SOLAR without MOQ.

It is ideal for special prototype design, lightweight BIPV, and PIPV.

90% of manufacturers would ask how many quantities, you will order, they won’t accept small quantity custom order.

But LINK SOLAR do customize flexible solar panels for you even 1pcs only.

Custom Panel

14. Day4 Flexible solar panels VS IBC Solar cells

Day4 Solar cell efficiency is 21%, some IBC Solar cells on the market are 22%.

Day4 flexible photovoltaic solar panels are designed with innovative Day4 Wire technology.

Both solar cells are called IBC tech solar cells but made with different techniques of production.

IBC Solar cells

Question & Answer

How Flexible Solar Panels Work?

Flexible solar panels come in different materials such as CIGS, amorphous, or IBC solar cells.

All these solar cells still work when they are flexible because general solar cell can’t bend.

This makes the flexible solar panel to have better usage. However, it costs more than normal solar panels.

How are Solar Modules Made?

Flexible solar panels made by EVA, TPT sheet. Solar cells, like IBC solar cells, Day 4 solar cells, CIGS, Amorphous solar cells or general solar cells are made such that they can bend to 30 degrees. CIGS or the amorphous solar cell can bend 180 degrees or rolls up.

How to Mount It?

Use adhesive VHB tape or glue for mounting on flat roof. Alternatively, you can use eyelet ties or LOXX lock if you need to remove it from time to time and ABS RV solar panel mounting brackets.

How to Fix the Panels?

When the problem happens, like broken from inside or after use for ages, it can’t be fixed.

If there is no power, then the solar could be the problem. And for low power, then the problem should be on the inside.

How to Build It?

You can use EVA, TPT and solar cell to make it. You can search for it on YouTube.

How to Attach It?

Depending on your unique conditions, you can use glue or ties with eyelets and even use with zipper. Anyway, keep it sturdy. You also need a charge controller to charge the battery.

How to Install It?

When installing flexible solar panels on some roofs, glue is better. The example you can use UV-6800 industry glue, and it’s popularly used for marine too. Check our DIY Solar Panel Installation Guide for RVs.

In some special cases, you may use eyelets or zipper to install the flexible solar panels.

  • Used with flexible solar panel adhesive backing
  • Connect the solar panel to the solar charger controller.
  • Charger controller is easy to get from eBay or Amazon.

How Good are Lightweight Elastic Solar Panels?

Good or bad you need to use a reference you trust and compare options available because this technology is still improving.

Elastic Solar Panels

Without EL-testing-machine, you have no idea what you got from Amazon.So this is easy to sell cheap, flexible solar panels people hardly to notice the problem. And remember, the efficiency of flexible solar panels is 26%.

How Durable is It?

If it is made of PET-laminated flexible panel, it has generally had a lifespan of up to a month or 2 years. But if it is made of ETFE-laminated flexible panel, which is a premium quality, it will last for up to 10 years. Just like Link Solar flexible thin film solar panels.

How is it Made?

They are made by ETFE+sunpower+eva+TPT. You can search for it on YouTube, you will find it.

How Much Does It Cost?

Different materials have different quality and different suppliers have different price as well.

Calculate cost by xx dollars per watt, example, you need 100watt, its 1USD/watt, then it’s 100USD/watt.

How efficient are It is?

IBC solar cell has a 22.3% efficiency but in your real use, say if you buy a brand with 100 watts, it does not mean you can speed up the charging speed. Only electric current can speed up charging,

For example, if the charging current is 1A for a mobile phone, going for a 2A can save you half the time.

Why are your flexible solar panels not working?

You bought it from a poor supplier who uses cheap material.

The seller selling them to make the profit. It’s a rate of bad luck.

The 90% flexible solar panels are made in China even if the seller doesn’t declare this and refers to ‘cells’ as being made in the US.

The Flexible solar panels can be offered by Chinese manufacturers at a cheap price because they are mass-produced in large production runs with low-cost cells, materials and minimal quality control checkpoints.

And all these are sold on Amazon. Some yachts catch fire because of the flexible solar panel from SunPower solar cell.

How to Clean It?

Using water is OK, PET may scratch. ETFE flexible solar panel is the best choice – mostly recommended.

Where to Buy?

Buy from LINK SOLAR or Solbian. If you buy from Amazon or eBay, 1-2years later you may have problems.

Can We Use It Without a Battery?

The battery is used to store charge. However, on a grid solar system, you can use a solar panel without a battery. It will depend on your needs.

Is it Effective to Put It on Trees?

No, because the shade will affect its performance, though it looks nice.

Can We Use Solar Energy to Run a Ship?

Yes, but limited people on the ship, or you’ll need a big space for the solar panel.

How to Know if a Solar Panel will Charge a Device?

Calculate the output current and voltage.  5V,12V, or 18V, 1A,2A,5A or 10A,or even more.

Is it Possible to Make Transparent Solar Panels?

Yes, change the material to transparent.

What is the Most Efficient Way to Arrange Solar Panels?

Buy flexible solar panel that is easy to install, but the cost is high.

We really hope people can get the best product as they wish, and we write this guide to let you know everything about the flexible solar panel so that you can make the right choice.

Customize Flexible Solar Panel start from 1pcs MOQ. You are welcome to contact us on the right side form on the page.

Customize Flexible Solar Panel



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