water proof solar panel

Want to custom ETFE flexible/ epoxy/ pet laminated solar panel with your own special design. just send us what you need. Ee will custom for you.

Link solar specializes in making unusual custom solar panels. We produce small size cut Sunpower solar cell solar panel make a design shape according to your need each custom voltage and current .materials.connector all can different, custom-designed solar panel widely used on the small solar light, solar charger, bigger custom flexible solar panels have ETFE film surface and not, this is can choose junction box can be in the front and back diodes can be custom also.

Custom Epoxy&PET Solar Panel

Link solar can produce solar panels according to custom solar panel shapes. Look, this one is custom need shapes for his module. It is very beautiful. Custom solar panels have many kinds this kind is made up of 8pieces ETFE PCB laminated solar panel. If you have a custom-designed epoxy resin solar panel and pet laminated solar panel need. 

Custom Flexible Solar Panels

Linksolar custom flexible solar panels use high-efficiency Sunpower solar cells.

We have many year’s experience in the ETFE Sunpower flexible solar panel manufacture. the custom size flexible solar panels can do many kinds of shapes most of our customers’ feedback that after many years of use.

Link solar ETFE flexible panel surface does not change yellow and eliminating special use on the boat need. Our custom shape flexible solar panels have many sizes and voltage for you .and the junction box station. wire long and diode quantity.

Custom Portable Folding Solar Panel

Link Solar one mainly products are portable foldable solar panels.

The best advantage of compact, flexible, small, lightweight, high efficiency, and highest Power portable and foldable solar panel charger use different solar cell according to your need.


    Custom Epoxy&PET Solar Panel

    Send your shape drawing. voltage. current need you will get products better than your image. We can do a normal Epoxy&PET Solar Panel at any requirement, epoxy resin solar panel is for small solar light, PET  laminated solar panels can do bigger sizes and watts different materials have a different life span.

    Custom Portable Folding Solar Panel

    We can do the power from 6.5W to 200w the biggest weight is only 7KG, it is easy to take to anywhere you want to go.

    The portable fold-up solar panel kits with different long extension cable, mainly designed for charge some device at 5voltage. you can choose a normal USB charger or waterproof charger.

    Link Solar has many years of experience in Custom solar panel manufacture

    In the past ten years of development, we have helped customers solve countless practical application problems, provide customers with the most advanced raw materials in the industry, provide customized services, and bring customers a quality experience.

    At present, we have a professional team that specializes in providing solutions for custom solar panels, provides products that meet the special needs of customers at the fastest speed, greatly improving the customer experience.

    For different types and uses of custom made solar panels, customized products that are not solved by conventional products will be perfectly complemented.

    For example, under the special shape and size, how to design the solar panel with the maximum power and the most efficient, make perfect use of space, and save costs, these are customer relations and problems that need to be solved.

    Design steps:

    First of all, please tell us where you need to install the solar panel, the size of the space, is it used for the top of golf carts, caravans, motor homes, yachts, ships, etc., or small solar applications such as solar chargers, solar landscape lights Application products, we will design the size and power of solar panels according to these conditions.

    There are many types of custom-designed solar panel that we can provide, such as miniature PET Sunpower cutting sheet laminates and fiberglass sheets. This type cannot be bent. Please tell us more requirements. At the same time, we have custom size flexible solar panels to meet customer needs. This customized solar panel has various voltages, wire specifications, and lengths, and connectors for customers to choose from.

    If you want to fit the entire back of the solar panel to the installation plane, the solar junction box is chosen to be placed on the front.

    At present, we have designed to increase the utilization rate of solar panels .in the case of shadows by adding bypass diodes to the solar panel types. in order to meet the shadow blocking needs of customers.

    There have some custom size Sunpower solar panels for our customers.

    This one is a customer need sector shape solar panel with customer cable and connector.

    If you want to know more detail please click the following link:

    25% Efficiency Solar Panels

    Customized Sunpower Solar Panels

    Customized Sunpower Solar Panels

    This one is have lock mount for install on the surface.


    Loxx Lock mount sunpower solar panels


    Adhesive on back

    Custom Solar Panel With Bypass Diodes for RV/Riding/Yacht.

    If you want to instal a solar panel on someplace where have shade.we can custom solar panel with bypass diodes.

    Bypass diodes are used to reduce the power loss of the solar panel’s experience due to shading.

    Get more details please check below link details:

    Flexible Solar Panels with Bypass Diodes for RV/Riding/Yacht


    DIY Custom Flexible Solar Panel

    Bypass Diode

    Bypass Diode

    Also, you can see some other customers need small watt and special shape solar panels.

    There have many kinds we will not show all here below is a custom solar panel for flower shape.

    4W 8V flower solar panel

    4W 8V flower solar panel

    Just please know we can do according to your need.go ahead send us an e-mail to let us know your requirement. you will get a response in a short time.

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