Customize Flexible Solar Panel For Solar Race

Flexible Solar Panel developing quickly, especially on high-efficiency Sunpower solar cells at 25%, it’s widely used in the solar-powered car race and Solar Boat race. Solar car racing game is very popular every year. Race solar technology in the world has many kinds of materials, but Sunpower solar cell is the most popular solar race band by LINK SOLAR will become a good choice for customers to win the race because Link Solar can customize for the worldwide people who have a passion to win the game.

News:  Link Solar can supply Flexible solar panels for Bridgestone World Solar race Challenge 2019 or Moroccan Solar Race Challenge 2019,

Products specifications from 20watt up to 170watt, especially 50Watt, 9V, 100WATT 18V, 150WATT 20V. Customized flexible solar panel please contact us with details.

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