Flat Roof For The Solar Supporting Structure

Flat Roof For The Solar Supporting Structure Racking System

LINK SOLAR Flat Roof Panels Racking system is developed to mount the solar panels on the metal roof. Usually, most people worry about the solar panel roof cost, if you also, please tell us your requirement we give you a budget list to make your decision.

Roof-integrated solar panels you can have them fixed or adjustable angle solution as 10-15deg, 15-30deg, and 30-60deg according to your exact requirement. Solar panel roof system series product has the innovated aluminum rail, D-module, clamps, and legs which can be pre-assembled to make the installation easy and quick for saving your labor cost and time. Besides, the customized length of rail will not require onsite weld and cut, keeping the appearance entirety, structural strength, and anti-corrosive performance.

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