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IBC/Flexible/high Efficiency/bendable/Light Weight Flexible Solar Cells

The most popular Flexible solar cell is a CIGS solar cell because it’s lightweight and very flexible. Once the price dropped in the future, it will be widely used but because of cost, and efficiency, compared to the normal MONO and Poly solar cell, the usage of flexible CIGS is still for special projects. But start from this year 2018 CIGS has drop prices a lot.

CIGS solar cells

Only a few suppliers in the world can produce CIGS solar cells, such as global solar. they are the biggest supplier in the world. In China, the raw material should all come from the Globalsolar, when a product has many suppliers, and a lot of competition, the price will drop and the technique will develop year by year, but for CIGS, only a few companies working on it, and smaller market needs. so that the price still higher than any solar cell material. we Linksolar mainly supply the Sunpower solar cells and amorphous solar cells.

CIGS solar cells

Amorphous silicon (a-Si) is the non-crystalline form of silicon. its start with Uni-solar made them into the rollable solar panel and solar chargers. now Uni-solar company is no longer produce, but their rest stock still resells on the market, the example you can buy them from eBay. even Uni-solar broke after 8years, you will see how reliable the quality it is.

CIGS solar cells

Sunpower solar cell is semi-flexible, it can not perform like CIGS or Amorphous solar cells, but based on the technique. When the solar cell is broken, the back connection still helps the electric transfer, so, if the solar cell is not damaged heavy, the solar panel still work, that’s why Sunpower solar cell made can make into a flexible solar panel, but when people install it in the wrong way and hurt the solar panel.

    Amorphous solar cells

    It is the most well developed of the thin-film technologies that have been on the market for more than 15 years. the amorphous solar cell is widely used in pocket calculators, but it also powers some private homes, buildings, and remote facilities. and they have rigid solar panels for BIPV. Link Solar can supply the small rate amorphous flexible solar cells such as 0.5watt, 1watt.2watt. and make a complete product for solar chargers or high power solar panels. contact us now if you are interested.

    Sunpower semi-flexible solar cells

    Some people may found it can’t get the best power. The problem with the solar cell is one reason, and another reason is not every Sunpower solar cell is the best grades, all the different grades are sold to China. so everyone called 22% efficiency Sunpower solar cell, it’s might not the real truth. About LINK SOLAR, mainly supply Sunpower Bin Je 3.46WATT grade solar cell. We can also get other grades if you have a volume order, start from 3000pcs.

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