Flexible Solar Panel Review And Troubleshooting Guide

The flexible solar panel has been started sell in the market for over 10years,

but the most popular Sunpower solar panel start 4years ago.

Now it’s very popular, more and more sellers, more and more sales, more and more problems happen.

Buying a cheaper price flexible solar panel does not help you save money, but wasted it.

So now, let me list all these flexible solar panel failures from Amazon Flexible Solar Panel Review one by one, and tell you why that the supply won’t tell you before you buy it, why the seller can’t solve it for you.

 Flexible Solar Panel

 flexible solar panel

1. Updated flexible solar panel review from 2star to 4star(warranty return) at the end with 2star (still have the problem.)

It’s not bad luck of problem rate all happen to him, this is just the quality level, the problem happens again even update a new one.

Flexible Solar Panel

2. Low Efficiency, low output and discolored be UV.

The main reason should be solar cell broken and disconnected, he should buy the Fake flexible solar panel, MONO solar cell, not Sunpower made, even Sunpower made, got the problem on the connection.

 Flexible Solar Panel

3. The panel has gone cloudy after one year, output in half.

Which means low-quality material, PET laminated aged, most problem is buying cheap solar panel on Amazon, all will meet the problems 1years later, the rate is a day /a week/a month/ a year.

Good review on Amazon does not mean the product is good 1years later

Flexible Solar Panel

4. Won’t Last long, low quality. 6month lasts.

Mainly reason still low-quality lamination and mislead customer on the flexible material.

Flexible Solar Panel

5. Worked only 5 months, none response.

Hopefully, all of the reader who plans to order solar panels know the quality level.

If you do not want any problem, do not buy this.

lexible Solar Panel

6. Above customer review do not have a photo, but this customer who the photo, from the photo we can see it’s a MONO Solar cell, if you have the basic knowledge of solar cells, it’s not workable for flexibility.

Flexible Solar Panel

7. Review: overrated production, will not last for years but for only days. Do not buy, bad warranty. they do not have the technology to protect the product yet.

From the above review, you will see the problem, why on Amazon you can find the good review?

because some problem comes a month later, even after they leave a good review.

And Amazon has the fake review, paid review if you search, many agents can do it.

Let’s check another brand HQST.

Flexible Solar Panel

8.Review: Melted mounting structure. Must be flat mounted. Customers looking for a more durable solution.

Re: in my opinion, it is hard to find it on Amazon, because all of the Amazon is this level.

Flexible Solar Panel

9. Review: bad solar panels/bound to fail/ was working fine, but only a few weeks.

The photo review is PET, he uses it on the boat, it’s not designed for the boat, even it does not happen problem so quickly, it will be aged quickly.

Why the right side solar panels all have 4-star good review, most of the product does not have the problem at the first month before they leave the good review, but if you read every of the 1-star review, you will find all of these have some problems.

Flexible Solar Panel

HISTORY: My original Renogy RNG-100DB flexible panel was defective and I shipped it back to Renogy at an address in Ontario, Califorina. The Renogy panel had a very good warranty period (5+ years) and I received a replacement panel but it was recalled because the panels can overheat, posing a risk of fire. So I bought this HQST and it also shipped from the same address in Ontario, California! WHAT!?
Now HQST sells similar flexible panels but with only a one-year warranty. This allows them to still sell the panels but buyer beware! These are defective! My stopped working over this Memorial Weekend while off-the grid camping, so I couldn’t recharge my batteries for my fridge. The panel was only 14 months in my possession and the warranty is only 12 months, so I am now out $190. Take my warning and do not buy panels from HQST. You will regret it. Stay away from flexible panels. This is my third one from Renogy/HQST.
A quick look at WhoIs confirms that Renogy is the registered owner of HQST.
California corporation papers list an executive officer of RNG Group, Inc. (Renogy). Who Is lists the same person as the contact for HQST’s website along with the same shipping mentioned above! Oh, and the billing email for HQST’s website? A Renogy email! Wow.
I could find no California, Riverside County, or San Bernardino business records for HQsolarpower. When I brought up that Renogy is HQST because they use the same address, HQST claims this “The address is a packing warehouse for distribution for a number of different company’s product, if Renogy ships from there then that is nothing we have control of.” Really? Then why is Renogy the registered owner of HQ solar power? I also looked up the building on Google Maps. It is a 48,329SF building but with only 4 docking bays. Seems too small to me for distribution company. There appear to be no other companies listed for this address (other than previous tenants), and none are or were a distribution company. Also, note that HQsolarpower does not have any company address listed on their website. Don’t you think that is odd and suspicious?
In my opinion, Renogy knew the recall was coming, but they had the warranty obligations. Solution? Make another business entity (HQST) and continue to sell flexible panels with only A ONE-YEAR WARRANTY! PROBLEM SOLVED!
Interesting Timeline
HQST’s website registered on November 10, 2015
Renogy RNG-100DB flexible panel recall date: January 28, 2016
Don’t make the same mistake I did and buy the HQST flexible panel with only a one-year warranty. I will no longer buy from HQ solar power nor Renogy. HQST only offered this statement when I brought up the issue that my panel is dead “Once again you are outside of warranty.”
This Review fresh my mind, he acted like Sherlock.       

Below is another long review :


Lightweight and excellent form factor makes this product very appealing. You might possibly be tempted to ignore all of the negative reviews by telling yourself that other customers probably misused the product or installed it incorrectly, and that is why the product failed. Wrong! This panel will work great for 3-12 months then it will completely crap out. To top it off, HQST customer service SUCKS! They do not stand behind their products (they will say anything to make a cell), they do not provide the promised warranty, and they will try and make you go around in circles before you finally give up and realize that it is not worth the headache that they create. Impossible to know if the CS representative is faking poor/ no reading comprehension or if they really are just that dumb. Warranty = 1 years. That what is says, “years.” The company’s proofreading and product packaging is on par with their manufacturing. Take $184.99 and light it on fire, it will be money better spent.


I have been dabbling with solar panels for fifteen years.

If I had reviewed this product after the first two months of use, I would have rated it 5-stars. That is probably why this product currently has a 4/5 star rating. However, look closer at the ratings, 61% five-star is not good. Four and five star combined rating is 75%. This is way too generous. Folks reviewed this product too soon.

Lightweight and flexible, I ignored all of the negative reviews because the form factor was perfect for my intended application; mounted on top of a camper shell where it could possibly be used for remote camping/ overland expeditions/ whatever you want to call it. I hooked the panel into a WindyNation P30L charge controller that regulated the charge into a Vmaxtanks SLR125 AGM battery. The system was supposed to provide reliable regulated power to a Dometic cfx-65dz fridge, some LED lights and a charging station. I work as a field biologist in the Mojave Desert and I rely on these things to keep my food fresh, my work equipment charged and my life comfortable.

This HQST 100 watt 12V Monocrystalline panel worked great for almost 90 days. Hard to say exactly when it crapped the bed because I was not holding a volt meter on it every day (which is what you better do if you decide to ignore this review and buy it anyway). About a month after installing it, I took a fishing trip to Baja. I was blown away after camping for 4-days in 110 deg temps when my Fridge was cranking out ice cubes for my Margaritas and the battery was still fully charged by sunset (reading 13.6 volts just before sundown, which corresponded with the float setting on the charge controller). The system was working hard and the panel was keeping pace. Those were the glory days.

Two months later I was surprised to see the battery voltage dropping lower and lower. Fortunately, I have a voltage sensitive regulator that provides a charge from the vehicle’s alternator when I am driving. After being parked for a few days, I went into panic mode when the battery voltage had dipped to 12.0 volts, knowing that this depth of discharge could damage the battery. At this point I suspected that the panel had become useless. This suspicion was confirmed with a voltmeter, showing that the panel would only produce 9 volts.

Life got in the way, and I was not able to contact HQST until months later, after I got out of the field. At this point it was 1-years (<——- hahahahaa) since the item had shipped, and they refused to provide any warranty support (even though the failure occurred during the warranty period). This doesn’t surprise me; the company knows that they are selling a defective item. They will straight up tell you that you took a gamble when you decided to purchase the item, and that you lost. At first, I was frustrated that this panel only worked for about three months but after reflecting (pun not intended) on my experiences with this company, I am surprised that it lasted that long. This product provides “green” energy only in the sense that HQST will take your hard-earned American dollars and give you nothing in return.

My recommendation is that you look elsewhere (anywhere else) if you are in the market for a reliable, lightweight semi-flexible solar panel. I will probably give up on the semi-flexible stuff for now and go back to the traditional aluminum-framed form factor.

Save your money!

It’s another deeply disappointed on the solar panel buyer.

Now let’s check Renogy products review:

 Flexible Solar Panel

Such solar panel made by MONO solar cell once cracked, it’s just the problem panel.be care.

Flexible Solar Panel

 Flexible Solar Panel

If it’s a real flexible solar panel, it won’t happen such a result, which means the problem is a rate can’t solve.

bad luck to the customer who happens the problem early.

If you buy this item, do not bend it, it’s not bendable, luckily you may use it for 1-3years.

 Flexible Solar Panel

Suaoki Flexible solar panel review

One of review by

yar Law

0 out of 5 stars really wanted to like this panel, but I was disappointed even after getting an exchange. Maybe second is defective ??

I have had my first one replaced due to bad quality control. The second one I was using came in better shape, but still has a few scruff on it. I gave me a good 40 Watts of charging power for about 3 months and then it kinda went lower and lower on the output with the same sun. I am not sure if something is happening with the panel itself, but it definitely does not put out the same power it was putting out before. I have no had this panel for a long time, but I can see this panel not lasting me very long. I am really disappointed in the quality and I wish it was better. I am still using it however I am only getting close to 35 watts at most and I feel like I lost the 5 extra watts somewhere and I am not sure where. The panel is always in the same position so positioning is not the problem. I will keep testing it and see if it gets any worse.

Update: I am terribly disappointed in the customers service, which I thought was good in the beginning since they understood that my first panel was defective and poor quality when I got it, the second panel they send me was in good shape, but obviously did not last long at all, since the problems started happening recently. They do not want to exchange the panel anymore, even tho it should still be under warranty. The panel started to develop white ghosting spots, which are on the edges and lines of where the panels separate. The quality of these panels are so low that they don’t see to last, but the company does not want to do anything about it. I trust the panel and the customer service, and I was disappointed in both. I would not be buying this ever again and I will not recommend this to anyone I know.

we recieve many kinds of customer who met problem solar panels.

Not only Amazon Review, Youtube reviewer for the flexible solar panel also misleading people to buy the wrong products.

You can watch the video here. it’s 867342 times watch, I believe many people will buy the flexible solar panel.

whatever the cheaper and expensive solar panels he compare, they are all same as above amazon flexible solar panel, because the MONO solar cell made the flexible solar panel is a cheap one, but the video test does not mean anything about years test, it’s just a rush test. and the reason why the cheap one is lower current is: he might already damage the cells inside during his bend.

if you are close to him, follow and ask him to check both of the solar panels 1 year later.

not only this video but most of the youtube reviewer is also just testing checking on using them. it’s not helpfully for people to know about the quality.

so our advise, just be careful, it‘ s not like other products under your expected.

As a Flexible Solar Panel supplier, I am deeply sad and happy about this.

I am so sad because none of them are good enough, to give a real product for customers who can enjoy it.

I am happy because we can do much better, we have a chance to meet the customer need.we just do not sell on Amazon USA.

Why LINK SOLAR flexible solar panel is different from the Amazon sellers?

  • As a manufacturer, LINK SOLAR knows all of the material and development of thin-film solar panel since Uni-solar 8year ago.  We have history and experience.
  • LINK SOLAR has experience and technique to make it good, just it cost more money.
  • LINK SOLAR didn’t choose to make produce low and cheap to get orders.
  • It’s hard to sell a higher cost price than the Amazon seller, people always prefer to try a cheaper product, sometimes they can suffer the unperfect point of the products. But I think all of the people won’t suffer the pain of failure products.
  • From the review, you can see none supplier can solve the problems, which mean to make it cheap, the weakness can’t change, but the profit can afford the low rate review. Anyway, they can do nothing to the buyer, no refund.
  • LINK SOLAR does not over advertise, you pay what you get.
  • The flexible solar panel in the world, only amorphous and CIGS popular to see in the market are very flexible and can walk on it. But for other types flexible solar panels, they are not designed for walking on it, they can walk, just hard to prove it will have a problem or not, many companies or influencer over advertise walk on it.

Why should I cost 5hours to write this article to talk about it?

We want to help the people out from the pain on the problem solar panels.

  1. Most distributors choose the cheapest to sell to get a profit first cheap can get orders easier even retail price.
  2. It’s written for our future customer who loves good quality ones.to let every people understand our products better.

The material difference from the tiny tabbing wire.

To make the flexible solar panel cheap, many suppliers will use the normal tabbing wire for connection, each meter of this retail price is 15USD/kg can produce a lot of solar panels.

But we are using dog bone tabbing wire, which is customized especially for Sunpower solar cell connection. example a 32pcs solar cell will use 28pcs tabbing wire, which cost 3USD each solar panel, but if choose normal tabbing wire, the cost only 0.3USD.
So why we do this? It’s the reason make the solar panel more compact and better quality.

So even such small material have a higher quality and cost higher which mean every material have low and high-quality difference,

  • 1. SunPower Solar cell has a different grade.
  • 2.EVA has a different brand.
  • 3.ETFE has a different supplier.
  • 4.lamination technique different experience.
  • 5.the most important is the real heart on quality or not.

Many customers meet above similar problems they might think it’s can’t manage heat dissipation.

Hot spot, etc. But based on our knowledge, most of the reason is competition and the wrong value of business cause the quality low.  People are hard to get good products, and people do not understand the price level.

EL test can check solar cell, but none customer does have such a machine.

The advantage you buy the flexible solar panel from LINKSOLAR.

  • You know better on the flexible solar panel before you buy from us, even you do not buy it from us.
  • We can supply 24.5-25% high-efficiency SunPower flexible solar panel. Most in the market are 22% efficiency.
  • High power flexible solar panel we can tailor-made for the solar bike race, for the solar boat race, for most kind of popular solar race in the world.
  • Save money because you do not waste your money on a poor level, which cost your time and energy.

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