In The Market,you may be confused about the warranty of Flexible Solar Panel.

Here are the Reasons Why:

1-year warranty

It is common to see for most products.

but for flexible solar panel, seems not enough, because many of them just have a problem at the second year.

The solar panel is not like a mobile phone, you do not want to change it every year after you installed on your roof.

especially for people who install a rigid solar panels on their roof for 10years.

but based on the material and technique,and the profit, the seller and supplier can’t give more than 1 year.

because if happen problems. their is not enough money for the problem if happen.

3 years and 5 years warranty

Obviously, these prices are higher than the market price on eBay or Amazon.

but they are worth buying. because it saves you valuable time.

Like us, we give 3 years, it’s based on our experience. and some company even not old than 5 years, they give 5 years, we do not know how they approve this, and it’s like gambling. 5 years the panel happen problem or not?

customer will contact you or not?

The Supplier will do replace it for you or not?

actually, we all hardly have the experience to ask for a warranty for a product over 5years later. because everything changed.

Such as a mobile Phone updated a lot in 5years, you won’t use the old one.

For the solar panel, after 5-10years later, the efficiency changed a lot, your roof solar panel is low efficiency, you even want to replace them all.

if you compare 3 or 5years warranty solar panels, the price has a difference either.

if we have the same profit as some companies with many profits, we can give a 10years warranty.