Flexible Solar Panels with Bypass Diodes for RV/Riding/Yacht

Bypass Diodes, Shading Effect

Due to many customers ask us if our flexible solar panels have bypass diodes on the solar panels.

here is the detailed Answer.

For New buyer,most of them might do not clear,so here is the basic Knowledge:

A diode is designed to let current flow in one direction

Bypass diodes are used to reduce the power loss of solar panel’s experience due to shading.

more you can learn from Wiki


Bypass Diodes, Shading Effect

For professional Buyer:

We have Diodes in the junction box, and this has for most flexible solar panel Suppliers.

But we can also add them in the solar panel. this is a special offer of custom.

A lot of customers require shadow optimized technology and prevent solar panel hot spots or burning problems.

but 99% market flexible solar panel does not have shadow protection.

  1. most of them do not have technique, a flexible solar panel is too thin.
  2. Produce has more cost on money, workers, and time.
  3. The price can’t dropdown.

So conclusion,if you are a professional buyer, and have real needs for your projects.

we are the one you looking for. just contact us now.

didoes bypass in junction box

normal standard order, we do not put diode for the flexible solar panel.so it’s a special function for people who really need it.

and somewhere you might see the other distributor claim its shadow optimized technology and prevent solar panel hot spots or burning problems. Swedish design, or German tech.

here we have no bullshit. shall we say copywriting like American tech?

here everything you know much better.

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