LinkSolar | 105W-200W Foldable Marine Solar Panels

In April, we were at the 23rd CIBS China International Boat Show in Shanghai, where we showcased LinkSolar’s latest Foldable Marine Solar Panels.

Foldable Marine Solar Panels

A lovely photo of Dean, LinkSolar’s founder, at the Shanghai expo.

LinkSolar Foldable Marine Solar Panels

High-efficiency. Lightweight. Durable. 3 year-long warranty.

LinkSolar 105W-200W SunPower Foldable Solar Blanket

Whether you’re out road-tripping across the country, at sea cruising the waves, or camping in the middle of nowhere, this bad boy’s got you covered.

Unless of course if it’s nighttime, or you’re in a tunnel or a cave.

Well, you get the idea.

Battery Charge : 20-200Ah

Output Current : 5-10A

Gross Weight : From 4kg (8.8lbs)[105W], to 7kg(15.4lbs)[200W]

In comparison, a standard 100W glass solar panel weighs around 10kg, making this solar blanket about 60% lighter, and fairly convenient for transport, especially in your case where every extra pound matters.

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