Frost King Heat Cable Kit

Frost King Heat Cable 120v 7w/ft 220v Best Sell With Certificate

Frost King Heat Cable is used like self-regulating heating cables,  it usually used on Residential Roof and Gutter De-Icing and drainpipe heating. the heating cables will produce heat when turns on power,  but each Roof & Gutter De-icing  Cable is with a single plug, you don’t need to cut like the self-regulating heating cable, the biggest characters of this Roof & Gutter heating cable is easy to install.

Frost king roof heat cable is used for protection of your house roof damage after the big snow. frost king electric heat cable suitable for most roof and gutter configurations, available in two different lengths.

Frost King Heat Cable Feature:

Model Number:  HDBV  Conductor 
Material:   Tinned Copper, Tinned copper
Insulation Material:  PVC
Jacket:  PVC Number of Conductors:  2
Application:  pipe anti-freezing, PVC or Metal Waterpipe anti-freezing
Power:   16w/m; 7w/ft
Watts:220v~240v; 120v;110v;
Min install temperature:-40 °C
Thermostat Control:6 C~13 C
Accessories: Thermostat; European or American plug, the power indicator light
Certification: CE; UL; VDE
Keywords: pipe heating cable
Cable model: Double Conductor Heating Cable
Frost King Heat Cable On Roof
Frost King Heat Cable On Roof

Length Specification Choose your own market

 If you are from North America  If you are from European
No.Catalog NumberLengthWattNo.Catalog NumberLength (m)Watt
1RTVB-0033ft120 v  21W1HDBV-0011m220~240V  16W
2RTVB-0066ft120 v  42W2HDBV -0022m220~240V  32W
3RTVB-0099ft120 v  63W3HDBV -0044m220~240V  64W
4RTVB-01212ft120 v  84W4HDBV -0088m220~240V  128W
7RTVB-02424ft120 v  168W5HDBV -01212m220~240V  192W
8RTVB-03030ft120 v  210W6HDBV -01414m220~240V  224W
9RTVB-03636ft120 v  252W7HDBV -01818m220~240V  288W
10RTVB-04040ft120 v 280W8HDBV -02424m220~240V  384W
11RTVB-06060ft120 v  420W9HDBV -03636m220~240V  576W
12RTVB-08080ft120 v 560W10HDBV -04848m220~240V  768W

Frost King Heat Cable Workshop

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