Heating Floor Temperature Controller Manual Roof Heat Cable Thermostat For Underfloor Heating Cable

Link solar heat cable thermostat has a scale range of +5/+40 . To assist the adjustment, the thermostat has a LED that will glow RED when the heating is ON. The thermostat should be set to the maximum temperature setting until the desired temperature of the room or floor is achieved.

The control knob should then be turned back until the LED goes out. Fine adjustments can be made over the next 1/2 days to suit individual requirements. When the room temperature has been stabilized, the thermostat set position may be adjusted to match the actual room temperature. Measure the temperature of the room with an accurate thermometer.

Remove the control knob and spin the pole, then reposition the control knob so that the indicated temperature line shows the same as the measured temperature. We have adjusted the temperature, please do not spin the pole when installation.A locking mechanism is positioned behind the control knob to limit the amount of adjustment possible. By loosening the little screw C the scale range can be locked, e.g. Between 20 and 25. The above ring indicates the maximum temperature and the below ring indicates the minimum temperature.

Roof Heat Cable Thermostat Introduction

RTC70.26 electronic heating thermostat
Heat cable electronic thermostat for mounting in the standard wall box, the thermostat is adjustable to required temperature from +5/+40C, the LED shows that the heat is On, the thermostat is recommended for control of electric heating devices or on/off valve actuator used in water-based heating systems. we offer many kinds of thermostats such as 
pipe heating cable with thermostat for waterpipe use in the winter. also, like roof deicing cable thermostat for roof snow melting.

If you use frost king roof cable thermostat will measure the temperature that you want.so send a message to ask for more details.

RTC70.2616ABuilt-in sensor, for control of on/off electric or
electro-thermal actuator

Technical data

VoltageAC230V(AC110V/AC24V available)
Power comsuption5W
Setting range5~40℃
Floor sensorRubber-thermoplastic NTC sensor,
Cable length is 3m
Ambient temperature-5~50℃
Protective houseingIP20
Housing materialAnti-flammable PC
Switch differential+-0.5K



Placement of Thermostat
Thermostat is to be mounted on the wall with free air circulation around it. Furthermore it has to be placed where it is not influenced by any other heating sources (e.g. the sun), draft from doors or windows, or by the temperature of an exterior wall.

Mounting of Floor Sensor

Mounting of Floor Sensor

Floor sensor should be placed in installation pipe which is embed-ded in floor, the pipe is thickened in the end and placed as high as possible in the concrete layer. Sensor cable may be extended up to 50 m with separate
cable f or power current. Two conductors in a multi-conducting cable, which e.g. is used for supply of heating cable, may not be used. Voltage signals, which may disturb the function of the thermostat, may occur. If the cable is used with screen, the screen may not be connected to the ground, but must be connected to terminal 7, the best installation is attained with a separate cable for the sensor, which is then mounted in a separate conduit.

Temperature and Value of Floor Sensor

Temperature(℃) Value(Ω)

Operation manual

Operation manual

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