Heating Cable For Pipes (Freeze Protection)

Freeze Protection Cable to Prevent It From Freezing For Water Pump

Link solar the leader in residential pipe freeze protection. presents the pipe heating system. Pre-assembled and ready to install.

When temperatures drop below freezing, heating cable for pipes and process pipe systems will face the problem of a frozen pipe, for example, a split or cracked water pipe after thawing. Hence, frost protection of pipe is needed. Our water pipe heating cable, which helps maintain the required temperature in water pipes, is a reliable heating solution.

Our pipe heating cable can effectively prevent frost damages and keep liquids floating at all outside temperatures. It comes with a patented splice, insulated cover and a mental clad sheath to ensure product long service life. Available in a wide power range, our pipe heating cable is great for any residential, commercial or heavy industrial application.

Frost Protection/ anti-freeze Water pipe heating cable (self-regulating):

Certificates: CE, IP68


Fit heating cable with insulating tape to the water pipe.

Then only plug in the mains cord-READY





Heating cable for pipes

Never thaw out water pipes again or carry heavy water buckets in winter. Suitable for all water pipes whatever plastic or copper


The thermostat automatically switches the heating cable as soon as the water pipe drops below +3 degrees. Additionally, an insulating tube can be used for maximum protection down to -45 degrees.


Do not cut the heating cable!

Do not install where it can be damaged by game animals.-protect against biting. Basically do not use tie wrap by the installation.

water pipe heating cable

Water pipe heating cable

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