How to get the best price of flexible solar panel-A manufacturer Think?

A lot of customers will search the best price for the flexible solar panel, or ask to give us what the best price is. because some XXX company offer Cheaper.

They never consider how a manufacturer can get the best price, what they will do what’s the consequence.

Ok as a manufacturer, let me how can I get the best price for you.

When a customer asks: what’s the best price?

We quote 100USD, okay but I find XXX brand supply me 50 Dollars only…

Your price is not competitive.

So I start to ask myself?

How can I get a lower price?

Why their price cheaper than ours.

So I am trying to ask my material Supplier.

TPT supplier:

Me: Can I get a little cheaper?

TPT supplier: sorry we don’t have, you can ask B brand, they have cheaper, or C company, they have much much cheaper.

Then I called, yes the price is 10% cheaper.

But seems quality, not as I required.

EVA Supplier:

Me: Can I get a little cheaper? EVA Supplier: hang off…

then find another.. yes find cheaper, but I am afraid if they may meet any problems after 2-3years, will they pearl off?

Sunpower :

Me: Can I get a little cheaper?

Sunpower sales: yes, you may buy our rubbish solar cells which we don’t need.

Containers order, or you can buy from the agent who ordered containers already?

Me: What kind of solar cells of these rubbish solar cells?

Sunpower sales:  broken cells, electric problems cells, not laminated.

Me: Do you have any better ones?

Sunpower sales: yes, there have many grades, I will give you a list, you choose yourself.


OK seems we can do the best to get the best price right now, if use the defective solar cell, and make a lie, there still have profit.

But what should we do when problems come?

What can we do for our customers?

Above is an example of getting the per and cheaper price.

But we won’t do it, we help customers grow not let them down.

We let the customer go away who require cheap.

They can find others easily, we will serve the customer who is as honest as yourself, and sell the quality product to their customer.

If you want to buy the solar panel at the best price,

Please just buy from Amazon is fine, there has a lot of suppliers selling the pest flexible solar panel, no big difference, they are all made in China.

And you get what you pay for.

Because anyone can set-up a Brand on Amazon to sell flexible solar panels, anyone can buy from China and sell on Amazon, they are all same grade Sunpower solar cell.

What’s the difference you compare?

No difference at Cheap grade level. all tricks.

For example, a 3.4watt Sunpower solar cell, 32X3.4W is 109watt, but real power has lost after made into a solar panel, should we ask to pay 109watt or 100watt?

We find we quote 109watt as 100watt, but some others quote 110watt, so you may pay cheaper and get higher, but it’s just a trick.


When we visit some distributor store, we find they are selling Mono flexible solar panel, anyone knows about the MONO solar panel they will know it’s not flexible when it’s cracked, it’s broken and can’t use anymore, but you see the distributor have no idea about it.

So consumers know nothing about it.

They may only use it by luck.

and I think distributors buy this and sell this because of cheaply made in China.


Cheap always mean risk, the consequence is for the buyer himself.

Buy 20% cheaper, lost 100% 6month later.


Amazon full of made in China products, even it’s sold by the local seller.

Who can you trust?

Anyone can set-up a website or create an account on Amazon and claim they are experts or leaders in the field, even if they are unqualified and selling a few panels out of the garage, but do they really have the knowledge required.

And also some blogger who is getting paid for the articles.

With flexible solar panels becoming popular there are many people starting up webshops to sell them online.

LINK SOLAR is a reliable company with 10 years experience of OEM solar panel and portable solar panel, we know the quality is the most important thing of a supplier, even lost customer because of price, but we take care the customer who cares about the same point on quality, and we can’t stop others from selling problem shit products.

But we can guide you to know more about solar and keep you safe and save money.

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