How To Make a 13 Watt Portable Solar charger with USB output (around 30USD cost)

It’s not hard to make a solar panel charger foldable and portable by yourself.

Here I will teach you to step by step how to make a foldable solar panel with USB without any special facility.

Have you seen or bought a portable solar battery charger from Amazon?
Love to have some fun in your free time?

How about making a portable solar charger by yourself? With a few steps, you’re going to

First, prepare the raw materials:

  1. 2pcs PET Sunpower Solar Panel 6.5 Watt (20USD) rest material cost 10USD enough.
  2. USB port output 5V, have single USB or double USB
  3. Soldering iron you may have or buy from anywhere
  4. Soldering tin
  5. Scissor
  6. thread
  7. Scissor and needles.
  8. sewing machine (or you have to sew it by yourself if you don’t have a sewing machine)
  9. Oxford fabric.

1. PET Solar panel 6.5W needs to be soldered first.

When soldering the 2pcs Solar panel, you need to make sure there’s a 1 cm space at least to fold them.

2. Measure Solar panel and make a draft drawing to cut the oxford fabric.

3. Use a hard paperboard as a template to cut the oxford fabric.

4. Put the solar panel on the oxford fabric and use tapes to hold them.

Fold the edges of the fabric to the back of the panel.

Here it is semi-finished

5. Then, start to sew the edges.

And this is the result!

6. Next, sew the back oxford fabric.

Put some hard paper and sponge to make the backside feel soft and flat.

Sewing result!

OK, finally, we can solder the USB port at back.

Thanks to my friend David Wu, he is the first time to make the portable solar panel.

if you just want to make a small power solar USB charger at 6 Watt, used with the only 1pcs solar panel, it will save more time.

Here is the video about completely how we DIY the solar charger

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