LINKSOLAR Flexible solar panel help client get the best performance in the FIA Solar Race 2016 Japan

The Best Performance among 10years.

Our Clients Solar car for the FIA SOLAR RACE

Solar Race

A relative newcomer in the world of solar panels and solar energy, Link Solar recently shocked the industry and its more established companies with a win at the 2016 FIA Solar Race in Japan.

Most everyone has heard of solar power and panels. Panels sit on roofs and flat surfaces to harness the sun’s energy for electricity.

The technology behind the panels continues to grow exponentially fast with advancements in efficiency made annually.

“A solar panel manufactured 10 years ago is light years behind today’s more advanced panel’s efficiency.

Our panels represent the absolute latest and cutting edge technologies in the field,” said a spokesperson for LINKSOLAR.

It comes as no surprise that LINKSOLAR was successful in the FIA Solar Race.

Their professional, flexible solar panels and solar panel chargers are often used on various vehicles such as RV’s, yachts, boats and of course, solar racing cars.

It is this degree of flexibility and customization that makes the LINKSOLAR panel so well desired and used in the solar car industry and racing world.

“Boats, solar cars and RV’s often do not have flat lines and planes for the standard solar panels found on homes.

Our flexibility works well for those who are looking for a solar panel and its energy saving benefits while not sacrificing their esthetic looks of their boats and RV’s,” continued the spokesperson.

Their solar charger is popular with those who enjoy camping, and this product has found its way into an interesting niche of the camping industry and creative innovations as a whole.

Certain entrepreneurs, inventors and the like often turn to crowd funding sites to finance their projects.

LINKSOLAR’s solar charger has been used in more than one campaign, and some campaigns have seen real success in their goals.

“We love seeing our products used in innovative and creative ways that make the world a bit better for everyone,” said the spokesperson.

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