water proof solar panel


How to Mount Flexible Solar Panels on RV

Install flexible solar panel with adhesive and mounting them on the roof.

Use LOXX lock when mounting the flexible solar panel.

Sewing zipper on the solar panel and the roof of boat top shelter.

Checkout our detailed installation guide about “DIY Solar Panels: 6 Step-by-Step Installation Guide for RVs 2020“.

Mounting the flexible solar panel with adhesive

A different situation has the different solution. So, just use the material you can get which fit your need. Such as 3M VHB tapes, glues for the steel surface or plastic surface.

LOXX lock mounting flexible solar panels

LOXX  lock is a German Brand with over 70 years. We can use LOXX lock on the flexible solar panel and it’s easy to mount it and take off.

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