Solar Panel Pole Mount Single Arm Side of Pole Mount For Mounting

LINK SOLAR Arm Side-of-Pole Mount LS-AL-B1 is simple and straightforward pole mounting solution for small area solar photovoltaic (PV) needs.

With its user-settable angle adjustment, it can support installations in a wide range of locations.

In addition, it supports: PV panels with an inside extrusion the dimension of between 170mm to 540mm. Pole diameters from 2.0 inches to 4.5 inches.

Solar Panel Pole Mount Kit Arm could support solar modules with max width 540mm, could cover many different brand solar panels. We also can make shorten Arm to fix small solar panels, so it could reduce cost. If your Solar panel does not have an eyelet to fit the bracket, Drill the solar panel frame for it.

LINK SOLAR Solar manufactures and distributes a complete line of mounting kits to accommodate a wide range of off-grid applications. From single module top-of-pole mounts to complex multi-panel arrays, our mounting line has the flexibility to meet your mounting needs.

Part                       Quantity                      Material

Fixed Bracket              1                                5052AL       Anodized

Tilt Arm                        1                                 5052AL      Anodized

Hose Clamps               2                                 AIS304       Polishing

Module clamps           2                                 5052AL      Polishing

Mounting Bolt            6                                  AIS304       Polishing

Single Arm Side of Pole Mount

Single Arm Side of Pole Mount

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