flexible solar panel for travel


Day4 Solar Battery Charger - Portable and Reliable Solar Charger for Outdoors

This Portable Solar Battery Charger will allow you to charge your phone when traveling or camping. The military-grade Solar Battery Charger is designed for outdoor use or to charge your RV battery.

Compact, Lightweight, High Efficiency, Long Lifespan. Compare with the flexible solar panel, it can be portable to anywhere.


115W 150W 190W Day4 Portable Solar Battery Charger Blanket

Day4 Portable Solar Battery Charger

Lamination: The High efficiency Day4 Solar Cells are encapsulated by the Durable ETFE high light-transmissive polymer, weatherproof fabric.

Adhesive: We use high-quality ethylene-propylene copolymer adhesive-sealant with microbial inhibitor as adhesive.

Cell Type: Mono-Crystalline Silicon solar cells, Alloy-coated wires, microcrack management.

  1. Eco-friendly. Converts solar energy into electricity.
  2. Portable and Quickly & Easily set up.
  3. Versatile. Can be used to charge your storage battery, water pump, satellite phone, GPS locator, and any rated 5V power load. Voltage can also be customized (5V/12V/18V/24V/36V/48V).
  4. Working temperature between -40°C – +80°C.
  5. Custom Power Output from 18W to 190W.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much lighter is the Portable Solar Battery Charger? About 62.5%. 200W Conventional Solar Chargers weigh around 20kg. Whereas the Day 4 Portable Solar Battery Charger weighs 7.5kg.

What’s the lifespan of this Solar Charger? Is there any warranty? Over 10 years. Yes, 2-year warranty.

What’s the efficiency rating? 21%. Although this is quite high, the most important factor for charging speed is the current output. Higher efficiency only reduces the surface area required to achieve this output.

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