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Portable RV Solar Battery Charger Lightest Weight|Highest Power|longest life

Portable Solar Panels

LINK SOLAR’s portable solar panels for camping have the advantage of compact, flexible, small, lightweight, high efficiency, and highest Power. All in One laminated, used with the material such as amorphous, CIGS, Sunpower, Day4 Solar cells. If you are one of the RVers, imagine the best advantage of the Portable Solar Panel you need. Let’s see here what we can do portable solar panels for RV.

Alternative High Power 200Watt Portable Solar Panels for RV

Portable solar panels camping require lightest weight and highest efficiency, compact design, with valuable functions. LINKSOLAR Designed very compact high-power portable solar panel which can be widely used for RV solar system.


Lightweight Amorphous solar panel portable solar charger for camping

The advantage of amorphous portable backpack solar charger panels for mobile phone Lightweight 500g–1000g for a 12watt solar charger, Flexible and soft Light Sensitivity

Amorphous collects more energy in lower light situations than other technologies work in indoor light down to 200 lux when Damage to individual area shuts down the damaged area but, not the entire solar panel.


Sunpower portable solar charger for phone

The Advantage of portable solar charger for phone small and lightweight, only 256gram for an 11watt portable solar panel. High-Efficiency small size real high-power with 2A output in summertime.


Frequently Asked Question from Customers:

Can you make waterproof Solar Charger? Yes, and UV resistance

Do they military Grade? Yes.

What’s the warranty? 2Years

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Solar Panels


  1. Cheaper, yeah, it’s for beginners.
  2. 1-year warranty only.
  3. PET lamination and Sewing with wires.


  1. The quality is similar, the price is similar and whatever brand it is, it still has so many competitors.
  2. The main difference is the supplier’s functional design, stitching details, and craftsmanship.

Alternative High Power 200Watt Portable Solar Panels for RV

From 6.5watts up to 200watts. It’s a very wide range of power you can choose for your mobile power. Compare with Rigid glasses solar panel 200watt at 20KG, LINKSOLAR 200watt portable Solar Panel only 7KG Gross weight.

Fit for most portable solar generators, such as Goalzero solar generators. customize special wattage for your own design solar generator or crowdfunding project customization.

Lightweight Amorphous solar panel portable solar charger for camping

Temperature Resistant and Amorphous Si is less sensitive Amorphous Si will perform closer to specifications in high-temperature applications and environments LINK SOLAR Manufacture amorphous Portable Solar Panel Chargers with USB output from 12watt up to 150watt.

Sunpower portable solar charger for phone

Fire-resistant, UV-resistant, water-resistant, designed for the backpack and outdoor camping. 5000-time fold test, no wires broken.

LINKSOLAR can customize based on customer requirements of power rate from 7watts up to 200watts, the popular color of the fabric: Camo/Red/Black.

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