Refrigeration System

      Refrigeration System For Custom Cooling Solution

      Refrigeration System For Custom Cooling Solution(2019 Update Products)

      Link Solar refrigeration system is made for the custom cooling solution. especially extremely small, high performance, high cooling capacity, rapid cooling down, precise control of temperature. Our small refrigeration unit contain Micro DC Aircon.DC Condensing Unit.Compact Liquid Chiller. Refrigeration system compressor refrigeration system components

      As a miniature compressor innovation leader in China, LINK SOLAR is creative and capture new technologies in compact cooling systems!

      LINK SOLAR custom cooling systems are widely used in the portable and compact application, including laser, medical, electronics, body cooling as well as commercial and industrial refrigeration.

      LINK SOLAR small cooling systems are based on Micro Air ConditioningLiquid Chiller Module, and Direct Condensing Unit.

      1. Micro Air Conditioning is the ultra-compact size and portable design allows end-users to mount anywhere, and comfort anywhere you need it. The AC unit is an ideal climate-control system for your air conditioning.

      2. Liquid Chiller Module provides focused heat transfer and is especially useful for applications like miniature refrigeration and portable cooling systems.

      The LCM system has basic 4 components: a mini compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, and a filter drier.

      Liquid chillers using our patented miniature dc compressor and driver board, offer excellent cooling capacity, and the highest flexibility for the customer’s application.

      3.  Direct Condensing Unit using mini dc compressor offers the most compact cooling solution. It has features of compact, quiet and reliable, enables it widely used in many applications.

      For instance, miniature refrigeration and freezer systems like wine, juice, coffee cooling.

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