Outdoor Snow Melting Cable and Mat

Outdoor Snow Melting Cable and Mat For Driveway and Parking /Roof

  •  Prevent water and ice damage by providing a clear path for melting water
  • Adapts to most roof and gutter configurations
  • Approved for metal and plastic gutters
  • Complete with clops and spacers
  • Non-standard plug, length, and power can be customized
  • Comply with CE, EAC, UL, CSA, and other safety standards;
  • Long service lifespan and 10 years warranty;
  • Matches most thermostats in the European and North American Markets;

Outdoor Snow Melting Electric Heating Cable and Mat Systems VDE Approved.

We want to live a place where the road, paths, halls, car parks and house roofs etc.free of snow and ice.

link solar outdoor snow melting cable and mat can solve this freely and perfectly. It is often necessary to keep paths, steps, ramps, halls, car parks, etc. free of snow and ice. The need for power and mounting varies according to the technical construction of the plant. The heating cable is placed in a sand layer, stone-free asphalt or directly in concrete approx. 50mm below level, which can be asphalt, concrete flags or imilar. On steps, the outer cable should be placed as near to the outer edge as possible to avoid icing on the edge. Calculate three cable strands per step.

Adjustment equipment for snow melting is available in various types. You can control the plant with only one thermostat with field and air thermostat or with special snow sensors. Please contact us for a suggestion for the correct equipment. The plant must be equipped with fault current relay and marked with weatherproof tag plates.

Snow Melt Heating Cable Specification

North America Market

North America Market

European Market

European Market

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