Flexible Solar Panel For solar car Battery Charger

Customize Flexible Solar Panel For DIY solar car Battery Charger

If you want to DIY a solar car battery charger. Link Solar 10W flexible solar panel 25% high-efficiency  Flexible Solar Panel is a good choice for you. Solar-powered car battery charger usually is 12V solar battery chargers appealing. is the fact that they’re super easy to use. You just need choice one or more  18V solar panels to make up.

It is typically lightweight and easy to store and transport because of the solar battery charger for car battery .so our flexible solar panel has a reverse charge-blocking diode. Be sure to choose a model that suits your needs. This small 10w also can use for camping gear (solar-powered lights, chargers, etc.).


You must be worried the flexible solar panel overcharge the car do not worry the solar car battery charger with overcharge protection. There are more and more people use flexible solar panel DIY solar car battery charger. If you also want to own one .link solar flexible solar panel is your best choice.

LINKSOLAR can customize 20watt up to 200watt Flexible solar panels, Sunpower Solar cell used with 5inch x5inch solar cells, 50watt, 80watt, 100watt, 120watt, 200watt is the most popular for DIY use.

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