Flexible Solar Panel For Solar Challenge

Customize Flexible Solar Panel For 2019 World Solar Challenge

Link Solar 25% high-efficiency Sunpower Flexible Solar Panel is a good choice for World Solar Challenge. Solar boat challenge and solar car challenge are popular to see worldwide. If you need Customize, lightweight and high efficiency flexible solar panel, check with Link Solar’s Flexible solar panel. The American solar challenge 2019 will start from 13 October.

Link solar receiving daily consultations from solar enthusiasts around the world about flexible solar panels. Our past experience will provide customers with the perfect purchase and use experience, whether it is racing drivers or amateurs, any customize flexible solar panels Will offer to you just do it.

LINKSOLAR can customize 20watt up to 200watt Flexible solar panels, Sunpower Solar cell used with 5inch x5inch solar cells,50watt,80watt 100watt 120watt 200watt is the most popular for DIY use.

Link solar flexible solar panel for U.S. Solar Car World Challenge

Recently, one of the world’s top innovation competitions – the U.S. Solar Car World Challenge officially concluded.

In the world solar challengea solar car from thÉcole Polytechnique de Montréal, equipped with Wopex (OPES) ultra-lightweight and high-efficiency customed flexible solar panelfinished the race on pure solar power and successfully defended its title in the single-occupant category once again after 2018.

World Solar Challenge

World Solar Challenge

As the main sponsor of the event, the founder and chief executive officer of OPES Solutions, Wopiss Energy Technologies, Inc. Executive Officer Robert Handel congratulated the team on their achievement: “It’s great to work with a group of idealistic and creative people. It was a pleasure working with the students.

I’m proud to provide the team with excellent flexible solar panel and technical support, solar decathlon design challenge, and to see them succeed. I hope that the students gain more experience and interest in clean energy and solar challenge development; looking to the future and promoting the future.

The development and application of environmentally friendly solar technology.” world solar challenge teams were required to design challenge and build a solar car on their own, and after three days of racing, eight hours a day, the final maximum number of laps of the vehicle Winning.

And the race organizing committee required that the solar panel area of the vehicle is reduced from 6 square meters to 4 square meters and that all charging structures be Placement in the car.

This places extremely high demands on the performance of the solar panels.

As the world’s leading manufacturer and solution provider of flexible solar modules, LINK SOLAR faces such demanding challenges. Active design communication with project teams.

Utilize years of PV experience, advanced R&D and engineering capabilities, and new materials to design energy for solar vehicles Ultra-light solar cell modules with a higher utilization rate.

Solar Challenge Race

Solar Challenge Race

At the same time, it perfectly balances the high mechanical strength and excellent impact resistance that flexible solar panel should have in high-speed movement to meet the needs of solar panels for high efficiency, lightweight, safety and reliable performance in high-speed driving of solar vehicles.

American Solar Challenge 2020

American Solar Challenge 2020

More and more solar challenge race all over the world. If you want to join the American solar challenge in 2020.

and need to know flexible solar panel information, contact with us for details.

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