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The Best Portable Solar Charger

Showcasing the LinkSolar Portable Solar Charger

The Largest Foldable Solar Panel in 200Watt

Made with Top-Grade solar cells

Military-grade. High-Efficiency. 2-year warranty.
Available Wattage(W): 6.5,11,13,38,60,105,120,160,200.
Available Colors: Camo, black, red, blue, green.

13W 2A 5V Waterproof Portable Solar Charger

Can fully charge an iPhone within 3 hours under optimal conditions.

Rated Power: 13W
Open Circuit Voltage: 5.5V
Port: Battery clamp, USB, car charger,etc.
Weight: 0.25kg (0.55lbs)
Dimensions(unfolded): 575x220mm
Dimensions(folded): 155x220mm
Certs: CE, ROHS
Warranty: 24 months
Characteristics: Waterproof, lightweight, durable, high-efficiency, portable, easy to use.
Available from 5W to 200W Inquire now!(OEM/ODM)
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Linnk Solar Panel for Producing Foldable Solar Chargers
Customize any size of mini Solar panels.

We Supply PET, ETFE laminate solar panel, whatever and wherever you saw solar chargers, all made by these kinds of material.
example size: 15x28cm,other size according your requirement
it’s a semi-finished product material, if you want to design your outdoor solar charger kit on backpacks, that’s it, that’s us.
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11W 5.5V Waterproof Foldable Solar Panels
Why you need to buy a solar bag, just hang it on your bag.

ETFE laminate Solar panel with solar cells
Peak Power Output: 11.0W
Open Voltage: 6.5V
Short-Circuit Current(ISC): 2.1A
Working Voltage (USB) 5.5V
Working Current 2.0A
Open size 245MM×315MM×1.5MM
Fold size 245MM×15.75MM×1.5MM
Net Weight 198g

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105W foldable Solar Panels 18-22V output
Super Large Foldable Solar panel, get free power anywhere you can.

Rated Power: 105W
Open Circuit Voltage: 18-22V (ODM from 0.5W upto 200W)
Cell Type: linksolar Solar Cell Gen III
Port: battery clamp, USB ,car charger,etc.
Dimensions (unfolded): 60x132cm
Dimensions (folded): 30x30cm
Certs: CE, ROHS
Warranty 36 months
Inquiry it now(OEM/ODM) from 5 watt up to 200 watt

OEM ODM Solar charger/small and medium-size solar panels for your portable electric power and battery charging applications.

high-efficiency Solar Cell
High-efficiency Solar Cell

As well know solar cell has a very good performance on efficiency and flexibility, we get Gen 2 & and Gen 3 level Solar cells.

2.5W Small solar panel

2.5W Small solar panel
Customized small solar panels

It’s more and more popular to use high-efficiency solar cell made small solar panel as Solar power bank charger and another product device, because the efficiency performance is much better.

Foldable Solar charger

Foldable Solar charger

From Small high-efficiency solar cells from 3Watt upto 200Watt solar panels, LINKSOLAR can provide you a total solution on small solar panel, foldable solar charger, flexible solar panels.

Waterproof solar charger

Waterproof solar charger
Customize functional

Many clients required waterproof function,and we can exchange the solar cell to HIGH-efficiency solar cell or amorphous or mono solar cells

Flexible Solar panels

SolarImpulse Make a success free power flying dream true, you will be the next. LINKSOLAR will be your reliable supplier.

Customize different Color

Customize different Color
Customize different power

LINK SOLAR provides different material choice for clients to customize their own brand solar chargers, specially for your market.

Special customized solar slim

Special customized solar slim
Customize special size

We help clients customize special solar panels, such as 5cm width only, from 5 watts up to 3 meters long.

Rigid solar panel

Rigid solar panel
Customize rigid

Rigid glass solar panel, have nothing to say, we just provide you the reliable quality according to your requirement.

Backpack Solar

Amorphous solar panel OEM/ODM
Foldable, lightweight, body carry, the best device for outdoor RV life.

We provide the best OEM flexible solar charger and foldable solar panel
customize for clients, from 5 watts up to 200 watt Such as waterproof, ETFE coated, The voltage from 5V up to 36V mainly. Customize with different color and material
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