water proof solar panel


Mini Waterproof GPS Bracelet Solar Powered GPS Tracker For Cattle & Farm Animals

LINK SOLAR Solar Powered GPS Tracker

Cow GPS tracking device can produce all kinds of size mini solar panel for GPS trackers, even flexible and rollable.

RF-V26 Solar GPS Tracker Features:

Waterproof IP66 enables the device to work in rainy days; Solar charging There is a solar panel on the device’s front surface, which can charge the inbuilt Li-ion battery even in cloudy days. Positioning ways WIFI+GPS+LBS+AGPS, four positioning ways work at the same time.

Amorphous Flexible Solar GPS Solar Tracker

Necklace for cows Features: 1–1.5meters long, 6W, 5–18V output. Bendable and flexible. Why choose Amorphous? because it can get small power even on a cloudy day.

You won’t need to replace the battery 365 days, until battery dead. You can track the cows’ activities every day and find sick cows who are not walking much.

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WIFI Fence it enables the master to receive an alert when the animal or user moves in/out of preset fence area. Remove alarm Once removed from its holder, the device will send alerts to pre-set telephone number.

Standby time with a capacity of 1500mA Li-ion battery, the device will never run out of power, even on rainy days, it is long-lasting , with a standby time of 15–20 days.

You can send us the size of your GPS design, voltage and current you need, we will make customize and suggestion. The cow GPS tracker is good for farmers to know the cow activities and keep the cow safety, no lost cows anymore.

GPS tracker for Cow is a niche product for Amazon seller. Cattle GPS tracking devices need a solar panel to charge the battery, the wild animal GPS tracker Will keep the battery full and continue to run 365 days.

The amorphous solar panel can be the collar of GPS cattle tracking collars.

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