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Solar Refrigeration Air Conditioning System Best For Trip Cooling USE

Solar refrigeration Air Conditioning system will be used more and more, with the decrease of conventional energy sources and the increase of environmental pollution in the future. Link Solar refrigeration Air Conditioning system contains:

Solar refrigeration can be used in freezers, refrigerators, building air conditioning systems, food preservation, ice-making, cooler, etc. If you do not need the whole system, you can choose each above any parts for use.

Solar Mini Compressor

Solar Mini Compressor For Mini Portable Air Conditioner

LINK SOLAR Solar mini micro compressors are good for mini-refrigerators and air conditioners. small compressors are popular by their small size and lightweight, it is the best to use for lighter and smaller refrigerator compressors on the market. Under  R134A refrigerant action, the small refrigerator compressor can be converted by a DC to AC converter at 12V 24V 48V. Mini DC compressors are more and more used for cooling systems with small space requirements.

There have 12V solar mini compressor;24v solar mini compressor;48V solar mini compressor.we use solar panel power the is best for the trip tiny refrigerator use. where do not have electrical.

Solar Micro DC Aircon

Solar Micro DC Aircon For Mini Refrigerator

Solar Micro Refrigeration Cooling System includes miniature BLDC inverter compressor, driver board, condenser, evaporator, capillary, and other refrigeration parts. All these cooling parts are well integrated into one unit. It meets the customer’s specific demand where weight and space are critical.

The Small DC air conditioner module can run on power DC 24V, it easily connects to challenge confined space and extreme hot ambient!

Solar Battery Power DC 12v 24v 48v Mini Compact Liquid Chiller

Solar Mini Compact Liquid Chiller For Small Cooling applications

Solar liquid chiller module has been built to be the perfect integrated cooling sub-system. Mainly used for small footprint cooling applications where space and weight are critical. The LCM is a complete small cooling system that can be installed directly in the laser or external housing, where the users need to implement their own control. This standard chiller provides the core cooling system such as Plate&Frame, Coaxial Stainless Steel, and Stainless Steel Coil type evaporators, and allows the end-user to adapt to the coolant fittings for ultimate flexibility.

Solar DC Condensing Unit

Solar DC Condensing Unit For Mini Portable Air Conditioner

LINK SOLAR solar DC Condensing Unit also called direct expansion system. It usually provides the highest heat transfer rates. Our miniature condensing unit with tiny 12V 24V or 48V DC compressor.

Our direct cooling system provides direct expansion cooling. The compressor drives the refrigerant directly through the evaporator. This concept eliminates the need for a water cooling loop resulting in a greatly simplified cooling system.

LINK Solar Solar Air Conditioner Make up For 2019 Light Weight And Portable Cooling System

LINK Solar Solar Air Conditioner has been an impressive product in the Air Conditioners market over the past year, What’s the trends of Solar Air Conditioner product’s market in 2019?

We have studied one year data on online sales, global shipping, search, sourcing, and requirements of the following products Solar Air Conditioner.

According to the trends of the three indices, The consultant suggested that the Solar Air Conditioner is still a product with market potential, Solar air conditioner is normally one kind of split wall mounted air conditioners, floor standing air conditioners or portable, and it is used for car or room. Link solar is the best supplier for Solar air conditioner product manufacture, we produce qualified Solar air conditioner is obeyed the following certifications: ul, RoHS, or CE and support OEM and customized designs.

We have Solar Mini Compressor; Solar Micro DC Aircon; Solar Compact Liquid Chiller; Solar DC Condensing Unit and so on. Many customs rank refrigerant as the most important factor, For refrigerant, you can choose r410a, r32, and r134a. Anyway please send your requirement we can customize for you.

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