Features of Rigid Stainless Coil Liquid Chiller

  • Product: Liquid Chiller Module
  • Voltage: 12V 24V 48V DC
  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Refrigerant Control: Capillary tube
  • Evaporator: Stainless Coil Heat Exchanger
  • Cooling Capacity: 100~550W (360~1,880Btu)
  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 6.9 x 5.9 inch (L x W x H)
  • Net Weight: 6.61 lbs / 3kgs (including drive board)
  • Applications: Microclimate Heating and Cooling System
  • Compact & lightweight coolant refrigeration chiller ;
  • Use with the miniature compressor to enable peak performance;
  • The closed-loop liquid chiller system provides a reliable cooling solution;
  • The mini dc compressor provides a cost-effective cooling solution where size/space/efficiency are important factors

Stainless Coil Liquid Chiller For Portable Cooling System

Link solar  Stainless St. Coil-E liquid chiller module is a circulatory cooling subsystem. It consists of a tiny compressor 24V with R134A coolant, smallest condenser and radiator, copper coil evaporator, filter drier, driver board, and other refrigeration parts.

The stainless liquid chiller provides custom thermal solutions that integrate directly into products to minimize weight, footprint, and costs.

Stainless coil liquid chiller is to minimize weight, footprint, and affordable cost. Plus, we work directly with our clients to create custom tiny refrigeration solutions.

Liquid Chiller Module

Liquid Chiller Module

LINK SOLAR is an HVAC Pioneer company that focuses on the heating and cooling products designing and marketing for more than 15 years. We have serviced and cooperated with more than 100 customers in the global market. Our main product is a pioneer heat exchanger, compressor, and integrated refrigeration unit, special air conditioner unit, for example, Mini Compressor, Compact Liquid Chiller, DC Condensing Unit.

Products are widely used in commercial & personal refrigeration, miniature & portable cooling system, and other tiny liquid cycle refrigeration devices, etc. We always providing and invest the latest HVAC&R technology to enhance the customer experience and help us become a better business partner to you.

We specialize in the design of portable water chiller (12V/24V/48V DC) and provide compact cooling solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements which are to minimize weight, smallest footprint, and affordable price.

Send we more requirement will give you more details for the check.

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