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High Efficiency Sunpower Solar Panels Supplier You Looking for

SunPower Solar Panels are very Popular and Good Quality in the World.

High Efficiency and compact thanks to the back-contact technology. These cells are on average 50% to 100% times as efficient as the cells used in standard glass panels; it’s the best choice for producing flexible solar panels for RV Boat Marine.

Sunpower’s modular solar panels are made with high efficiency materials, high-quality processing, and low cost.

The Very Flat LinkSolar Flush Power Cable Flexible Solar Panel

There are many ways to save cost, example changes the tabbing wire into cheaper one, but We don’t.

Solar Panel Prices Have Many Levels

Due to the different grade level of Sunpower solar cells and material or technique among the manufacturers.

Rigid Solar Modules are Mostly not Made in China

Sunpower produces it themselves. Sunpower Solar cells are mainly sold to China, and most of them are made into flexible solar panels; some made into small solar chargers. Some used for the small solar panel by cutting and reconnecting the small cells. For power rate over of over 150watts for a rigid solar panel, you may have to order from Sunpower directly or their distributors in each country.

Custom Solar Panels by LINK SOLAR

Link Solar Can supply Flexible Solar Panel from 20watt up to 170watt with the unique design. Supply the most compact Military grade Solar blanket from 11watt up to 200watt.

Supply Custom made the shape of Sunpower solar cells for special needs, such as MINI solar panels for mobile phone solar charger, or GPS solar tracker solar panels or other special devices need customized voltage and current.

How to mount Flexible Solar Panels

Link Solar solar panels are available in different models and with extra features.

Difference By Material:

  • Classic PET: Entry class / Basic usage, same as the Market type PET, but we do not recommend much, because it will be aged 3years later
  • ETFE: Industry standard materials  ETFE with TPT back.
  • Aluminum ETFE: Multiple test winner, Tough, strong,semi-flex.
  • Color: Black/white/transparent.
  • Adhesive:  can put Adhesive for customer 20pcs MOQ.
  • High-Efficiency Cell up to 25%: Normal standard 3.4-3.6Watt, 3.78-3.84watt.
  • QuickFix adhesive: Quick semi-permanent attachment to the canvas,3M sticker sheet for easy mounting /white Sikaflex 291.
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