Flexible Solar Panel For The Suntrip

The Sun Trip is a beautiful human adventure! It is also the application of a modern technology that is not greedy in volume of raw materials!

The Sun Trip is the possibility for young and less young people, for people in shape or with some health problems, for athletes or fewer sports, for all those who are interested in sharing this solar sun trip bike or through sports performance, to live together an unforgettable experience!

The Sun Trip 2020 because the global Covid19 pandemic in countries where the Sun Trip adventurers would be passing, the organizers have decided to postpone the second Lyon-Guangzhou Sun Trip. While the official departure was scheduled on May 30, 2020, it has now been delayed to 2021.

Now there has enough time to prepare for the best sun trip bike. link solar flexible solar panel is your best choice. contact us for more information about the flexible solar panel.

The 2018 Lyon-Guangzhou, New Silk Road “Solar Bicycle Sun Trip

It is understood that the “Journey to the Sun” is held every two years since 2013, known as the “bicycle session of the Dakar Rally”. It’s called the “Tour of the Sun” because participants must complete the race by riding a bicycle powered by a Flexible solar panel. There was no logistical vehicle to follow the whole journey, no backup, and only solar charging on the way. “Lyon-Guangzhou, New Silk Road 2018” solar bike ride will organize about 40 participants from around the world in June The riders will start from Lyon, France on the 15th and arrive in Guangzhou, China in August, after which they will return to Lyon from Wuhan by Asia-European train. The event covers a distance of 12,000 km, from western Europe to the eastern tip of Asia, through more than 10 countries, promoting environmental innovation. The idea of spreading friendship between France and China.

Mr. Feng Jin, the chairman of the organizer of the event, Lingnan Group, said that the greatest significance of the Tour of the Sun is that it is a cycling activity that combines the two important concepts of environmental protection and sports, and he hoped that this kind of special and creative cycling activities can be further promoted in China, so that more people can participate in it.

Unlike regular bike tours, all the bicycles used in the “Sun Tour” from Lyon to Guangzhou are Fitted with flexible solar panels. Readers who know about sun trip bike touring know that one of the biggest hassles of long-distance riding is the charging of electronic devices, etc., during long journeys. The use of solar panels is a great solution to this problem.

Link solar is a professional flexible solar panel supplier. most solar bike suntrip participants choose to link solar flexible solar panel as long trip solar charging. Our customed size and high-efficiency solar panel more and more popular for suntrip participants and we get more experience on this line. If you want to solar bicycle presentation well go on with us, we will make your solar bike is most efficient.

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