The Best Choice of Marine Grade Flexible Solar Panels Supplier on METS Trade Show.

On 11.13th-15th, LINKSOLAR display the marine Grade flexible solar panel at METS Trade Show in Amsterdam Rai.

Many customers are interested in our products displayed on the trade show.

especially the Flexible solar panel for marine.

As the Cancellation of EU Anti Dumping Duty
on Solar Panels, LINKSOLAR takes advantage of quality and price to compare with European suppliers.

Now the customer has a wider choice to get the affordable price on flexible solar panels, but still good quality from LINKSOLAR.

Because we used with prime grade Sunpower solar cells over 3.4watt up to 3.81watt 25% efficiency SunPower solar cells.

With the technique and experience over 10years of lamination of thin-film solar panels.

Of course normal people have no idea about the technique and difference, as in the Amsterdam Rai, still, have supplier selling MONO or Poly solar cells into flexible solar panels, normal people won’t aware of the lifespan because they won’t tell it will breakable and none real flexibility at all.

Because the price is cheap for MONO or Poly solar cells, many people will waste money.

So if you just read this post by chance, just remember the below photo.

These none back contact technology solar cells will be breakable after bend and power decreased soon, only Sunpower is your best choice, even though we have Day4 solar cells, but now we can supply 25% efficiency flexible solar panels, we still recommend Sunpower as your best choice.

Below is a simple compare list of each flexible solar panel you interested to know about:

Product seriesmarket PriceQualitylifespan.Efficiencyyears later
Mono/Poly Flexible solar panel0.3-0.8USd/wattbad1-6month by lucky15-18%wasted money
Sunpower Flexible solar Panel1USD-8USD/wattdifferent supplier different quality.different price1-12month,bad supplier,1-3years snake suppliers,

over 5years golden suppliers

20-25%some may wasted money. some not.
Day4 Flexible solar panel2-2.5USD/wattnormal,but Sunpower performance betterdepends on supplier21%none of records
Amorphous solar panel10USD/wattgoodover 5 years7-15%
CIGS Solar Panel3-5USD/wattgoodover 5 years15%
Europe Sunpower suppliers5-10USD/wattgoodover 10 years22-25%
LINKSOLAR3USD/wattgoodover 10 years22-25%

For Marine Market, of you are a yacht owner, will you choose the cheapest and risky solar panel for your roof?

if you are a seller, will you happy to see your customer complaining about your products?

we offer a choice of good quality and good price for you, more information please contact us and talk with us.

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