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Lightest weight, Flexible, High Efficiency

The Most Popular Flexible Solar Sells

You can find the most popular Flexible Solar Sells for different uses based on your requirement. We can custom any type of solar sells for any application.

Just send us your requirement and we will make perfect flexible solar sells for you.

Amorphous High Power Flexible Solar Blanket charger

Amorphous is a thin-film silicon solar cell, only 7% efficiency compare with others is low, but can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes in flexible, sensitive power in low light condition. LINKSOLAR especially on OEM foldable Solar charger from 1watt up to 200watt.

The Most High Efficiency Sunpower Solar cell 23.3%

Sunpower Solar cell is a new Technology of IBC Solar cell,

The advantage is highest efficiency in the world for common products,and it become more and more popular.


CIGS Flexible Solar Cell Panel

CIGS is the MOST potential material for future flexible solar cell market, as the efficiency is higher than amorphous, but performance good and more flexible than Sunpower solar cell, now the Powerfilmsolar from the USA is the best and professional supplier.

BIC SOLAR CELL -Day4 flexible Solar cell

Traditional solar cells are manufactured by exposing very thin wafers of treated crystalline silicon to various chemical and thermal processes and then applying an anti-reflective coating to the front of the cell when particles of light. Photons hit the solar cell energy is transferred to electrons in the silicon cell allowing them to move about freely a pathway must then be created to an external circuit so that electrons can be delivered as electricity to power.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you have prime grade Sunpower Solar cells? : Yes, we have 3.19 TO 3.46W,3.5W Sunpower Solar cell A grade.

Why Sunpower Flexible Solar Panel has so many different prices in the market: Because during produce, Sunpower filtered many grades with different performance, each grade has 3-grade branches, so it has more than 20 grades.

Amorphous High Power Flexible Solar Blanket charger

Sunpower solar cell is made into all kinds small solar panel for solar garden light,solar chargers, solar panels.and it becomes more and more popular.

LG have similar look solar cells, but not as popular as Sunpower.

LINK SOLAR provides from 0.5W up to 200watt Sunpower Solar cell made solar panels.

Such as Solar blanket, Mini watt Solar panel,Rigid Solar panel with Sunpower solar cell,Flexible Solar Panel for marine RV boat.

CIGS Flexible Solar Cell Panel

LINKSOLAR is a manufacturer who can OEM solar panels with all kinds material, So CIGS is a choice for the customer who needs it, and LINKSOLAR can laminate the solar cell into solar panels with the best performance at a military grade level.

BIC SOLAR CELL – Day 4 flexible Solar cell

Things like lights and household appliances on a conventional cell this is done by printing a grid of silver wires called fingers on the cell front that are then interconnected by two to three thicker pads known as bus bars in order to form an electrical contact between the fingers and the treated silicon material the cells must be heated or fired to over 800 degrees Celsius.

This traditional method creates three major challenges one is that the thick fingers and bus bars typical of conventional solar cells increase the amount of shade on the cell surface reducing the amount of light collected and converted into energy to copper.

Wires called ribbons that conduct electrical current from cell to cell must be soldered to the bus bars this process can create cell breakage due to high soldering or welding temperatures and mechanical stress three traditional solar cells make extensive. Use of silver particulates within their fingers and bus bars reducing their efficiency.

The Most High Efficiency Sunpower Solar cell 23.3%

The disadvantage is it has many grades of solar cell that most consumer doesn’t know, and sellers play tricks to fool customer with lowest as the best to some consumer think it is good, some not by Chance.

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