water proof solar panel


Light is the future

The most Ultralight solar panel

Link Solar Manufacture the Ultralight solar panels for the portable solar generator, easy to carry and widely used for outdoor activities. Linksolar can produce any type of solar polar including an ultralight light solar panel for you.

Send us your complete requirements and we will customize solar panels for you.

CIGS ultralight solar panel

Compare to the rigid solar panel, CIGS solar panel is the ultralight solar panel, Globalsolar CIGS solar panel is the no.1 in the world. 3.5kg/m2 but it’s cost higher than any other material solar panels,right now used for special projects. Normal people hard to afford a large power system. Portable solar panel with CIGS is the future, and the price will become cheaper and cheaper.

Ultralight solar panel with Amorphous solar cell

The second ultralight solar panel is the Amorphous solar panel. Uni-solar did the best amorphous solar panel in the world, but because of cost they failed. Now it’s not common to see this material supplier. because cost high and low efficiency. LINK SOLAR still can provide this material from 0.5watt small pieces up to large customized solar panel in amorphous material.

ultralight solar panel with Sunpower Solar cell

Sunpower solar cell is the third material of the ultralight solar panel. Power from 6watt up to 200watt. can be flexible, and 1.8kg/100watt. The highest efficiency by now around 22.3-23.6%, but in the coming years, more and more IBC solar cell supplier with new developed IBC solar cells, which have the highest efficiency at 26%. LINKSOLAR supply all kinds of sunpower solar cell made solar products.

ultralight solar panel with Day4 Solar cell

Day4 Solar cell is the Forth ultralight solar panel, it’s similar as Sunpower solar cell, we call it IBC solar cell. have the advantage of microcrack managing function. LINK SOLAR supply the Day4 solar cell from 58watt up to 190watt, OEM flexible solar panel and folding solar panel with day4 solar technology.

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