Underfloor Heating Cable With Certificates

CE TUV EAC CSA Approvals Durable Electric Underground Resistance Heating Cable

Link solar underfloor heating cable manufactured according to directives of the International Electrotechnical Commission: IEC STANDARD Publication 800 – heating cables for a nominal current of 300/500V used in the heating of rooms as well as freezing prevention; Certified by the BBJ SEP (Quality Test Office of the Association of Electrical Engineers) and certified for use in the construction industry; Easy heating floor cable for houses and apartments, summer cottages, garages, storages, stores, churches – as the basic heating system;

Link solar floor heating cable for selected compartments such, as additional heating for stone floors in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, workshops. Floor electrical heating cable for greenhouses, pigsties, farms, cold storages; Anti-freezing protection for gutters, downpipes, pipelines, water tanks; Protection against icing for ramps, walkways, stairways, porches, terraces.

Electric Underfloor Heating Cable Specification

The main difference between link solar underfloor heating cable and other company cables: We adopt two alloy wires as conductors, and others use one alloy wire and one copper wire as conductors.

Underfloor Heating Cable

Underfloor Heating Cable

Thin twin conductor PVC heating cable(Dia. about 3.8mm)

Teflon twin conductor heating cable:(Dimension: 2.2*3.2mm)

 Underfloor Heating Cable Spec

Underfloor Heating Cable Spec

For underfloor heating cable, you could customize the power, voltage, length, cable’s structure, jacket material, and color, conductor stranded or solid, etc. Generally, we use FEP as insulation.

For groundfloor electric heating mat, after the above cable choice, you could customize the mesh color, with or without adhesive, the cable space on the mesh(like 7cm, 9cm, 11cm, 3’’, 4’’, 5’’ even 6’’, etc. that’s to say, you decide the length of cable per sq.m).

So send us the requirement you need. we produce for you.

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