Underfloor Heating Mats

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Underfloor heating mats generate an even heat throughout your home and will not disturb dust, reducing the chance of possible allergic reactions. What’s more, radiant heated floors reduce noise levels and the amount of dry air in your home. There are other benefits to floor heating as well, including financial perks, as they are inexpensive to install and typically don’t add more than a quarter to electric bills.

Our electric floor heating systems are available for a variety of floor surfaces, including tile, stone, laminate flooring and hardwood. Any room in the home can utilize our heating systems, providing comfort wherever you are. In order to give customers full control over in-floor heating systems, we offer a variety of controls, underlayment sheets, and accessories. Thermostats will allow you to control the temperature and schedule turn-on times, while many different accessories can further optimize our heating systems to meet specific project needs.


1. Fiberglass and Twin core heating cable(Dia.3~3.5mm for Teflon cable, Dia. 3.8mm~4.7mm for PVC cable) with cold lead(2m, connect to thermostat)

Al-foil laminate floor heating twin core cable is 1mm with 2m cold lead. Ultra-thin!

2. Sizes available from 0.5 to 15sqm coverage(width 0.5m, length 1~30m)

3. Teflon insulation for longevity

4. Tinned copper earth braid

5. The option of 90,100, 130,150,160,170 watts per sq.m. or 200 watts per sq.m. for conservatories & other areas where higher output is needed.


1. Wafer Thin – Only 3.5mm Thick! Suitable for use in bathrooms, conservatories, kitchens, nurseries, living rooms etc

2. New build or refurb

3. Suitable for use under tiles, laminate or wood floors

4. Totally maintenance-free

5. Easy to Install: No marking our floors, no sticking tape over lengths of cable! Simply roll out the ‘Comfort Zone’ electric cable mats, position, and run tails to the controller!

6. Simple to fit around obstacles – Simply cut the mat to fit!

Underfloor Heating Mat

Underfloor Heating Mat

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