Solar Panel Z Bracket Mounting

Aluminum Solar Panel Z-Bracket Mounting Kit for RV

LINK SOLAR solar panel Z-bracket mounting kit is suitable for horizontal installation of PV modules to RVs, boats, cabins, flat roofs or anywhere else where you need a simple yet reliable method to mount solar panels.

Specifications of solar panel Z-bracket mounting kit

1. The solar panel Z-bracket mounting kit is designed simply and convenient installation.

2. The Z-bracket is made of rust-free anodized aluminum alloy. The screw bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel. All material is rust-resistant and durable.

Solar mount Z bracket is designed to support single solar panel, generally in off-grid installations. This kit is a deal for 50W to 150W solar panels.

Widely used: Easy to mount solar panels to at vehicles (RV’s), boats, motorhome, cabins, sheds or garages, etc.
High Quality: Solar mount Z brackets are composed of high-quality aluminum material (not sharp), service life up to more than 20 years.

Lightweight and convenient. Our package includes bolts and nuts, which would secure to install your solar panel.
Easy Install: Solar mount Z brackets have a good design and makes mounting easy.
Safer and More Practical: It works great with plenty of space between panels and roofs for cooling. These brackets were just what you needed when you installed some window units.
Excellent Product Performance: The Brackets are very strong and durable, which makes the brackets not easy to be bent. They can resist ultraviolet light. And they have the feature of high-frequency insulation and anti-corrosion. At the same time, they can’t be influenced by hot, cold or humid weather, which can work very well.

Solar Panel Z-Bracket Mounting Kit

Solar Panel Z-Bracket Mounting Kit

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