We Do Flexible Solar Panel Right.
We Do Flexible Solar Panel Right.
We Do Flexible Solar Panel Right.
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  • Solar Panel drawing

Your Flexible Solar Panel Manufacturer

  • Over 15 years of Solar Panel manufacturing experience
  • Especially on Customized solar panels, portable solar panels, non standard solar panels.
  • Product quality, long lasting products and maximum performance
  • Solar panels for RVs, boats, cottages and industrial systems
  • Solution for Crofounding project on indiegogo & kickstarter
  • (.Personal home use)Solar power – solar systems – solar energy For campers, yachts and stand-alone systems

All Kinds of Customized Solar Panelto Support Your Project and Business

As a professional Solar manufacturer and factory in China, LINKSOLAR has been in the fire door industry for over 15 years.

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Whether you need fire door for your brand, or you need fire doors for your projects, Mexin can always satisfy your different needs.

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Have Special Customized project?
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Whether you need Flexible solar panel for your Private label or Brand, or Some customized projects, Indiegogo/kickstarter crow-founding  solutions,Customized,dropshipping,suggestion solution.Link Solar always one of your best supplier. Solar panels for RVs, boats, cottages and industrial systems. The photo voltaic modules of LINKSOLAR are the product of 15years manufacture.

Thanks to the excessive exceptional of the Sunpower solar cells, they are extraordinarily sturdy and durable. LINKSOLAR modules (with frames or flat besides frames), referred with the aid of some as photo voltaic panels, face up to intense climatic masses (e.g. sea navigation marks and ocean crusing yacht) and even use low mild stipulations optimally.

Thanks to the excessive effectivity of the photo voltaic cells used by way of SUNPOWER, dependable strength electric is assured even in low light conditions..

Why LINKSOLAR is Trusted by
Global Leading Brand

Over 15 Years Solar Panel Manufacturing Experience.
Best quality new and improved.
We Don't Make OEM . We Make OEM Better.
Small order shows good taste.
Smart people choose Solution .
Nothing to worry about with safety order, save time is save money.

Who Choose

Who require real good quality at a reasonable price.
Who meet some problem products before order with LINKSOLAR
Who need Solutions which normal supplier can't meet.
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Solar Panel

solar panel factory
Solar Panel Factory
solar panel manufacturing
Solar Panel Manufacturing
solar panel packaging
Solar Panel Packaging



Are Flexible solar panel any good?

It’s Base on Seller Choice,some E-commerce seller prefer to get profit, because retail shop online does not have much guarantee after 1years later.

Even they give,1year later they may deny it. This is the most tricky part.

How a flexible solar panel last?

If everything under good condition, over 10years, but different supplier material quality and different usage have different lifespan, such as walking on it increase cracked inner cells.

System connection without protection

Can you stand on flexible solar panel?

Yes,you can, but if not flat, it will cracked inside cells.

It’s a tricky of advertisement for some seller to tell customer it can walking and stand on it.

But it’s not designed for‘s not stone made.

What does the best flexible solar panel?

Can I say LinkSolar do the best in China on quality level? Competition and online selling reason, retailer will choose cheaper material.if you want good quality ,buy from LINKSOLAR should be the best idea.

How fast a 100watt solar panel charge a battery?

100watt 18V ,output 5A, 100AH battery cost 20hours,

Why do Flexible solar panels Fail?

Low quality manufacture made, low connection cells to cells, second hand made cells.

Low efficiency cell made.etc.

Are flexible solar panel less efficiency?

Depends on buyer requirement, have different efficiency cells, price is different, but solar panel looks all same by normal people eyes.

Can you mix solar panel types?

Can’t mix, because different voltage and current make problems.

How do you clean flexible solar panels?

Wash gun wash it.

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