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    Top Quality Marine Flexible Solar Panel With 2 Years Guaranty

    ODM Small Solar Panel

    Customize all kinds for mini Solar panel with Sunpower cells

    PET/ETFE Laminate

    Portable Solar Charger

    Lightest Portable Solar panel,foldable in the bag,OEM /ODM

    Solar Bracket

    Easy and Quick install solar bracket

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    Alternative Solar Panels

    Introducing LinkSolar Flexible Solar Panel and Solar Chargers

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    We always strive for the best quality Solar Energy products.

    About Us

    LINK SOLAR ELECTRIC GROUP CO.,LTD. founded in September 2010 in Tianjin Binhai hi tech Industrial Development Zone, mainly engaged in the development of solar cells and other application products, LINKSOLAR provide outdoor portable solar charging solutions are widely used in car, yacht, outdoor sports, camping tourism, portable emergency charging products. With excellent quality, lighter, faster charging technology to OEM for customers from worldwide.


    Energy will be Exhausted soon
    Where shall we get the Power in the future,Albert Einstein Said:"The Sun"
    Our Mission is to collect solar power as easy as you can !
    Make it easy,powerful,and fun!

    Advantage of LINKSOLAR

    We Always strive on producing high quality flexible solar panels,foldable solar panels.

    based on our technique ,resources and experience,we can help clients save cost and save their time to develop a new products.

    Because we are located in the center of China,we have the best engineer, supply chain. Such as you may need batteries ,LEDs, Tooling plastic box.

    We are professional,we don't say we are big company,we don't want be big,the biggest solar panel in China are already down.

    About what we OEM or ODM please read the following below.


    With more than 10 years experience of manufacturing PREMIUM quality PET laminated solar panel,

    Epoxy encapsulated solar panel and ETFE foldable solar chargers.

    Full sunpower solar cells,cut sunpower solar cells in 1/6 ,1/3,1/2. and cut them in small pieces.

    Link Solar provide A grade Sunpower solar cells.

    Gen II Gen III Bin Q /J/K series Grade A Sunpower solar cell

    Dog Bones For Joint Sunpower Solar cells,

    We also provide Cut Solar cells services for DIY and experiment use.

    More about Sunpower solar cells....

    Semi-finished Sunpower Small Solar panel for Solar Charger

    Full sunpower solar cells,cut sunpower solar cells in 1/6 ,1/3,1/2. and cut them in small pieces.

    LINK SOLAR provide A grade sunpower solar cells

    such As Gen III 3.18Watt. 3.4Watt Gen III ,Bin J K series .

    Cut Sunpower solar cells and make them into 5.5V output mini solar panel at different sizes..

    How to make it by yourself...

    The best quality foldable solar charger

    we used with ETFE with Solar panel lamination.make it longest lifespan .

    We do not use adhesive to put the fabric and PCB solar panel ,it's a low quality type.


    ETFE flexible Solar panel

    OEM /ODM The highest quality Flexible Solar panel for Marine yacht Caravan etc.



    Aluminum Semi-flexible solar panel

    Aluminum Semi-flexible Solar panel 20W 40W 50W 80W 100W

    MONO/Poly/Sunpower solar cell available ,from 1W to 200W

    Read more

    Pole mount solar brackets,RV racks for solar panel from 10watt upto 150watt

    Please contact us for more ...


    LINKSOLAR ODM Small Solar Panel,High Efficiency Sunpower Solar Panel,Power Pack,etc.

    Solar Charger Raw Material

    How to make a Solar charger

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    Send us the Size,Current,Voltage, Let us Customize it for you!

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